Cody Rhodes on Legend of Zelda

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 27, 2012.

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  2. Cody Rhodes vs Shadow Link, Wrestlemania 29. :lol:
  3. Fr the World Heavy Weight title :boss:
  4. No, for the save data. :boss1:
  5. Best game ever LTTP!
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  6. Jericho you got the idea!! :win::win:

    And A Link To The Past is badass :boss: it's one of my favorites, and I have yet to beat it
  7. REALLY?

    Ganon at the end is easy u stun him then silver arrow him!
  8. I heard about that, but for some reason I have trouble with the old school Zelda games and hand held ones.
  9. Digging out my SNES right now for a recap!
  10. this = horseshit. He cant even pronounce the triforce correctly. Great wrestler though.
  11. :boss: I have it for the Gameboy Advance(also have 13 other Zelda games)

    And he may not pronounce it right, but he can sure wear it
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  12. Have them all apart from the NES versions on the original consoles!
  13. who is your favorite of your picture for everything? I will judge based on answer, pick carefully.
  14. [​IMG]

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    hell no it's this [​IMG]
  15. Zelda is my top three along with Mario and Final Fantasy!
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  16. :win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win: That's awesome! How many of the games have you beaten???
  17. Beaten all Zeldas bar the NES versiond. FF''s all upto 12 then lost interest. And Mario beaten a few but not 100% on Super Mario World yet missing one of the secret areas.
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  18. I refuse to challenge you at video games now e.e

    XD Samus is pretty good looking without her armor though
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