Cody Rhodes Qualifying for MITB?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jul 2, 2012.

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  2. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! YES! YES! :yes: :yes:
  3. I hope he does quality :emoji_slight_smile: he needs to be in this match >.<
  4. It's inevitable that he will be part of it. Christian is already in it, There is nothing for Cody to do at MITB other than go for the case.
  5. he better. Having Tensai and Santino but not Rhodes would be fucking stupid.
  6. I found an article where he was protesting. But that was about him not wanting to use Twitter anymore..

  7. I figured he'd be filler opposition for Sheamful. But now, either we get Dolph again (seen it too many times) or they can throw in ADR (and completely fubar the WWE title MITB). They're really in a tough spot.

    Assuming Ziggler/Sheamus happens again, Rhodes winning is the only acceptable outcome.
  8. Agreed. He should win as well.
  9. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Simply... Dashing!
  10. Saw it coming. After seeing him scream that he didn't lose following his tag match on SD and when Cole said that he was going to complain to the board, I thought that immediately. I think he'll qualify. Plus, I believe he might win, in fact, if DZ isn't in the match, he's my bet. Not really sure about the WHC match though, probably Sheamus burying Dolph again... :facepalm1:
  11. Was obvious, but I'm freaking pleased nonetheless. Rhodes to win!
  12. Watch your name go from #3 to #1 on my fav 5 list Crayo.

    I <3 you bro. :grin:
  13. He's the best option on SD by a long way.
  14. @[Seabs] ADR, Sandow, Sin Cara, Ryback, Gabriel... All good possible champions, and who knows, Ryback might actually get a shot this Tuesday.
  15. If Ziggler get's in, he'll win.. :true:
  16. None of them are at the level Cody is, Ryback is still getting more Goldberg chants than anything else, Cara can't speak English well at least not enough, Gabriel can't speak and isn't over enough like Rey and Hardy were to justify it, Sandow only recently debuted and has done squashes I believe. ADR needs to be rebuilt, to a level where people give a fuck.
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  17. This.
  18. Hopefully Cody replaces Santino as Santino technically didn't win either.
  19. I could agree about that. I still think Sin Cara and Justin Gabriel need to be in the MITB match.. Maybe not to win it, but their high flying could really boost the rating, and I for one am a sucker for lucha libre style moves.
  20. Sin Cara will probably be in, Justin Gabriel won't.
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