Cody Rhodes' release a work?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Botchie, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Found this on reddit and I thought it was interesting enough to share:

    NJPW G1 Climax, Carmella, more WWE talen gossip

    Credit to supersonic on the F4W boards for the write-up.

    If this turns out to be true then HHH is a damn genius.
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  2. I would mark so hard if it really was a work. Like that'd be pretty damn genius, and being a Cody fan would make it that much better. I don't think WWE is this risky or creative honestly haha but they'd win me over big time if they were open to stuff like this or if this was a real thing.
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  3. If it was a work that was well done, then we jabroni marks have been worked into a shoot, brother.

    But I doubt it...I hope not...because it may be messing with some of my BTB plans...
  4. This rumor was going to show up sooner or later. Mostly because Cody is a purebred WWE guy.
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  5. It'd be pretty cool if it was a work.
  6. Anything the wrestling business does people will call it a work... He was released, that's it.. It happens.
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  7. That would be one of the greatest works in history, although it does remind me when TNA did that with Devon (they did)
  8. That's awesome if it's true
  9. I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. Not the first time this has been done. Brian Pillman was apparently "fired" with the intention to have him brush up his skills, grow out his gimmick and attain more fans from the hardcore scene before coming back, it backfired and he ended up in WWE.

    I'm not too high on this. There's no proof in this, except possibly keeping his ring name which was likely a Rhodes family trademark rather than a WWE trademark.

    If it was true, it would be useless. Hardcore fans already appreciate him, and second the stink of a gimmick is never hard to get rid of, if the talent is good enough. That would be like sending Steve Austin away to get the Ringmaster aura or Rock away to get the Rocky Maivia aura off of him. I find it very hard to believe.
  11. It would be interesting if this was the case. I don't feel like this is a work though. I mean, he completely bad mouthed the writing staff, and I doubt WWE would let him do that.
  12. Bullshit Evidence #1: Cody Rhodes is booked for a PCW event this December.
  13. Lol. Thanks for this, needed that laugh.
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  15. Maybe because wrestling itself is a work and the point is to work people.
  16. I've said from Day One of the affair that it wouldn't surprise me if Cody leaving was a work. If it is one, WWE and Cody have really committed to it. Frankly, the lack of a booking with ROH, TNA, AAA, CMLL, or NJPW (Gedo would no doubt love to get his hands on a recent WWE guy considering he just lost four of his top guys to WWE in January) gives some credence to the idea as those are basically the biggest non-WWE wrestling companies in the world.

    Now, that's not evidence that this is a work. And I fully expect that WWE has covered their bases here.

    In the end, if it's a work, that's great. If it's not, I just hope Cody is soon with a company whose shows I can watch, because I'm a fan of his and want to watch him again.

  17. It's not. Cody asked for his release simply because he was unhappy. If he was unhappy about his position at the time, why would he agree to being released and being brought back into a similar position than where he was as Stardust. There is nothing left for him in WWE, so it's best he makes use of his name, his fame and skills in the indies to making him a star player in the scene.

    In other words: Reddit Rumours, Fuck off.
  18. There's a reason for him not working ROH, TNA etc. WWE still has a bunch of Stardust merch to sell off, and in the pipeline. Cody will get subsidized from sales of that, but only if he keeps away from the above stated promotions. This is also why he's allowed to work is Evolve, since it is already somewhat under the WWE umbrella.
  19. Yeah, plus the no-compete clause is probably in effect to allow them to sell off said merch without Cody getting any merch released by companies WWE don't work with/won't work with such as ROH, TNA and so on.
  20. And WWE most likely increased the length of the no compete after the Rey Mysterio and Del Rio situations as well.
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