News Cody Rhodes Released! (Cody Rhodes (Stardust) Requests WWE Release)

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    If I played the Starudst character for two years I would probably be pretty fed up aswell. WWE seriously dropped the ball with him in 2012.

    UPDATE: Cody Rhodes has been released by the WWE.
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  2. He made the most of the gimmick. Wasn't really needed though.
  3. Oh nooo. I was really looking forward to that two-face gimmick(Stardust/Cody), but looks like we won't see that nor Cody in some time.
    Thank you Cody for all you did in these years.
  4. The dude did great at just about every gimmick WWE threw at him. Wasn't a fan of Stardust really, been wanting him to turn back to Cody Rhodes for a year now but instead, this happens so it's good enough haha. Hope he does good shit, whatever he does
  5. Great in ring talent, love his moveset and most importantly he a top worker but we will see if he wants to continue in wrestling. Not many wwe rejects I think can do a job in ROH but I think he really can at the very least be a midcard stalwart
  6. Kinda remember when him and Ziggler were touted as the future. At least the future of the mid-card. I'd be willing to bet Ziggler follows suit in the coming weeks/months.

    Cody was cool, although I kinda feel like he won't be wrestling much anymore. Probably go down a different career path.
  7. Shame that he's done. Not like he was doing anything major in the company, but still.

    Always been a fan of his and his departure seems kind of a sudden. The dude is probably burnt out.

    As for Ziggler, @Shadow , I believe I read it a couple of months ago that he'll be done wrestling in 2-3 years' time.
  8. Although he played the Stardust character well, I was never a fan of it. It's interesting that a lot of people at the time looked at Goldust as a way of completely breaking Dustin out of his father's shadow (although honestly this seems to have absolutely no bearing on the gimmick at all) and Stardust seems to be a character that pushes Cody into his brother's shadow, which is silly.

    I always thought Cody, although I don't believe he is a top tier guy, deserved better than to be thrown into this rehash of Dustin's gimmick. If he gets his release and remains in wrestling, hopefully he'll be able to accomplish something better.
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  9. Cody Rhodes was a lost cause after losing the Tag Team titles in 2014.

    Cody Rhodes had so much potential, especially after WrestleMania 28, but he began to drown in the sea of bad booking. His pairing and subsequent face turn with Damien Sandow seemed like an up-turn for him. The feud really good for a midcard feud, and it really got Cody over. I still think Sandow winning the Money in the Bank was horrible misstep. Cody Rhodes was hot as hell (booking wise and sexually :ksi:) and he was on the cusp of a face turn. He deserved the win and the World title run. He could've been a great face champion, and I'm not saying that just to be a mark, but he had the tools. He was extremely flexible with his gimmicks and evolving his characters. He had the in-ring ability and the ability to really sell a story. I mean, look at his matches as Un-dashing Cody Rhodes, if you want to see an example of all 3 together.

    I think his run with Goldust as tag champions, was really just the last straw for him. He could've gone from "Feel Good Moment 2013" to biggest heel with one of the best feuds of 2014. The Stardust gimmick was horribly planned, horribly executed and horribly written, over time. He could've been Bully Ray after 2010. He could've ran with the heel momentum and continued for some good work. I was upset seeing that he quit, but I feel that if he continues his work and he gains a lot of success elsewhere, he can come back and make a bigger impact.
  10. Cody has everything going for him and is super talented, never really injured, and can do it all. He didn't have the exact "look" they wanted however, and I think that's what hurt him.

    Best wishes Cody. You were very underutilized.
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  11. Cody was trimmed and pretty big. Not exactly 7 feet and 300 lbs, but pretty big for a lower weight guy.
  12. He could of been a World Champion, I saw it long ago before the Stardust gimmick, when he turned face I thought it would be happening, I was wrong.
  13. According to several former writers, Vince McMahon has never seen anything in Cody other then a "good hand".
    A world title run was never really in his future
  14. :emoji_slight_frown: Vince strikes again :vince3:
  15. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he's gone.
  16. Gah damn that actually pisses me off quite a bit that WWE Creative and Vince/HHH all continuously shut down Cody's attempts to be Cody again. Things would probably be a lot different and he probably would have stayed with the company if they let him do his thing. Makes me wonder how many other guys are desperately trying to do knew things and are just being shut down.
  17. I kinda feel for him.
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