GFW Cody Rhodes reportedly going to TNA soon

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Sweet deal for Cody, if true.
  2. Saw where they picked up Sandow and hated it, because TNA has a roster full of great talkers. They have 20 Sandows on the roster already, they don't have workers you want to see face each other.
    Cody's a pretty kick-ass wrestler, but I don't think he's to the level where "Rhodes vs EC3" suddenly becomes interesting TV though, and that's the problem
  3. Eh. This might be the thing that makes me want to tune in to TNA.

    In all honesty, literally the only reason i dont watch TNA is cause of Josh Matthews on commentary. He's god awful and i cant sit through matches with him there. Some might say "well thats a lame reason not to watch" but i dont care. Matthews is that bad.

    Back on topic, ive always been a Cody fan so ill probably tune in from time to time.
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  4. Corgan pulling right moves, thumbs up
  5. If Ric Flair couldn't get me to watch TNA again, then Cody Rhodes stands no chance of accomplishing it.
  6. \_/

    Hypothetically speaking, is there a star that'd make you tune in to TNA? For me it'd be Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and maybe Daniel Bryan to see what he's doing. (CM Punk too if he still wrestled)
  7. I'd turn in for CM Punk probably. Dixie's exodus is a positive thing in my mind but when I turned in the other day, watching Billy Corgan as a on screen character was very painful. It would take a lot of work to get me invested into again. I'd watch for Punk though out of curiosity.
  8. Reunite the Rhodes Scholars?
  9. Oh boy, a feud with Mike Bennett, that'll put butts in seats!

    Really the only times I'll watch is when Cody first debuts and if he interacts with Matt Hardy. TNA does so poorly with their roster that I couldn't give any less of a shit about anyone else they have so Cody going there wouldn't make me a TNA fan again.

    I need a Cody vs. Lashley match, for the championship, in a battle of the lisps match!
  10. Can't wait for his promo about how he was misused and forced to be someone he's not and now he's finally free like every fired WWE promo.
  11. I hope to god that he doesn't cut a promo similar to the cliched ex-WWE promos.

    And to answer the question above, I enjoy TNA for what it is, and I know that they'll misuse/misbook almost everyone there or any of the people listed. But my standards are low and have sat through 2 hours of god awful TV to watch Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett.
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  12. He signed. Cody is with TNA now.
  13. When I was watching TNA earlier this year, Trevor Lee was unwatchable. Has he gotten any more interesting?
  14. TNA killed BFG to get Cody. Great banter
  15. So TNA don't have the money to put BFG or the TV tapings. Are they gonna cancel the shows?
  16. There are multiple bidders looking to buy the company, and thus fund the tapings and PPV. One of them is Billy corgan, who is already a minority owner, who wants to run it. WWE are also in with a bid, but they won't keep the company running post BFG. They'd want the tape library and what few stars they could see value in
  17. I was listening to WOR and they said Corgan is not likely to win the bid because he wants time to sort it all out and they don't really have that time.
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    Corgan wants to buy it cheap once they declare bankruptcy. Problem with that is anyone can swoop in before that happens and Dixie does not want to declare bankruptcy.

    Hopefully the threat of WWE swooping in makes Corgan jump in and buy it early. TNA with the right people in charge can save it. And the product itself has been fun lately.
  19. I don't think its fixable at this point, not so much the product. I still don't like it but I know other people do but financially they are pretty screwed and their reputation is in tatters, changing the name wont do much in regards to that.

    I'm not exactly sure what the best case scenario is right now. It would be cool to see TNA's library on the Network.
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