Cody Rhodes Talks Randy Orton Breaking His Facemask

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, May 16, 2012.

  1. Wow.
  2. That's why he removed it...Randy makes people fucking tough.
  3. Randy Orton kills Cody and still isn't fired? If he hadn't had that mask he would be dead. And people say Lesnar is dangerous.
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  4. Would be quite ironic if Randy Orton was fired for almost injuring/killing a superstar since he got mr.Kennedy fired...
  5. Orton's so reckless... Wonder if this is why he isn't getting pushed anymore?
  6. Sounds to me like the idea was that Orton felt comfortable kicking him that hard because they said the mask was unbreakable. Blame the doctor perhaps.
  7. He has a nice face, I thinks
  8. He has a good face, indeed.

    Orton is so stiff. Dunno how it happened. Back in the day, good seller, good worker..
    All gone. :sad:
  9. Orton, you reckless idiot. Cody is lucky he had the mask on.
  10. Randy Orton could of killed Cody Rhodes
  11. The hate for Orton in this thread is embarrassing. You're talking about the guy who in many people's opinion was the greatest wrestler in 2011. One bad move doesn't define him. Every single one of your marks has made a mistake that could have and perhaps did injure your college.
  12. :dafuq:

    Naa, just talking about how stiff the guy is nowadays. He used to be soo good in the ring. All gone.
  13. Stiff? Have you seen who the guy has feuded with this year?

    What decent wrestler has Orton had a feud with this year and underperformed against? His feud with Barrett was awesome, and he carried Barrett hard in the wrestling-aspects of that feud.
  14. Yeah but he's countering too much. Ain't groggy when he's Irish whipped to the corner. He just walks out of it and kicks or punches the opponent.
  15. Because of his opponent. It's not like when he was with Christian where he could throw him on the top rope, where Christian would counter with an awesome move. He's working with real stiff big guys - expect it to suck. His match with Kane was one of the best matches this year, WITH KANE. Lol. Orton is in my opinion the most underrated WRESTLER in WWE. He's up there with the Bryan's, Ziggler's and Punk's.
  16. So, one bad move shouldn't cause hate? The Miz he accidentally moved out the way and couldn't stop the fall of R Truth and a lot of people were hating him. That was 1 bad move, so why did people decide to hate that? He was also one of the greatest wrestles in peoples opinion for that year. It's understandable for people to hate on people making a bad move. 'Accident's don't happen in the ring, fella.'
  17. He's up there with Punk/Ziggler? Triple H said he's up there with Shawn Michaels in Orton's DVD.
  18. Not sure if you're agreeing with me or debating with me lol. I agree though, one mistake doesn't mean anything.

    Not sure on that, Orton hasn't been consistently good in his early years. But now he's definitely up there with the best wrestlers in the world. People just tend to warm to the indie wrestlers and the bandwagon, no one (apart from Seabs) on here has agreed with me so far when I mention Orton being that damn good.
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