Cody Rhodes: Will he ever become great?

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  1. Not to be a hater, but it seems to me that Cody Rhodes just can't find his own style, if he doesn't have a tag partner. Sure, he had a heel run, but to me he still didn't draw much heat like Dolph Ziggler, or Vickie Guerrero did.

    He currently seems to be the weak link in the team of Rhodes Scholars. Sandow seems to be 10 times better than him, and it seems to me as if Cody Rhodes doesn't even try to get better. Sometimes, I wonder if Damien Sandow isn't carrying Cody Rhodes' career on his back.

    What do you think?
  2. To be honest I genuinely thought last year he was a guaranteed main eventer. After recent mediocrity, I am not so sure. The guy has a decent look but I don't think it suits a face or a heel, and his promos skills have seemingly decreased from what I can see. I'm just not sold on the guy any more.
  3. No. He's talented, but I think his time for the main event and greatness is over, tbh. That ship has sailed, unfortunately.
  4. I like Rhodes he has Potential,he is pretty good on the mic imo and is decent enough in the ring.He is young and still has some work to do but i think he he has a bright future.
  5. I like him.he has potential , but the WWE hasn't book him well. Feud vs sin cara was horrible and his psycho mask stuff was horrible as well. He needs to improve and in a point this year turn face and have a good title reign. Then he could be put into the main scene (WHC)
    PD: goldust vs Cody WM 29
  6. I was thinking last year that it's just about time for him to go into the main-event however he hadn't. If you've watched SmackDown yesterday you'll see the latest news as to what's happened with their team.
  7. I think so. He's still very young, 27 I think, there's time. If he gets a push and a nice gimmick I bet he can do stuff (as long as he isn't buried by Big Show in the end, ugh), I thought he ran through Dashing and Undashing way too quickly. I hope they have something good in store for him.
  8. I think hes going to be Intercontinental champion or U.S. Champion buth not a WWE Champion or World Heavyweight champion
  9. He will have a run as WHC champ. If swagger had it . Cody is gonna have it.
  10. I kinda agree, I don't know what it is with Cody Rhodes but there's just.. something.. missing..

    I can't quite put my finger on it. Is it his own style? Eh, maybe, not sure. I just feel like there's something missing that should be obvious, but isn't. I mean he's good in the ring, decent on the mic, has improved his look tremendously over the past couple of years and can really play a character. Cody needs to find that one thing that's missing and then I can see him being a main eventer.
  11. I think he has potential but it's like the WWE doesn't know what to do with him. The Sin Cara feud and always wanting to take off his mask wasn't a good angle for him in my opinion. He needs to have a quality rivalry, maybe against a more seasoned superstar while he works his way up towards a title shot. But in order to get a title shot I think he needs a lot more development as a character and a quality gimmick.
  12. Just like Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler, a guy who strikes me as mostly average and who I don't see having a huge impact in the future. At least Barrett has a good look and Ziggler has great in-ring work, but Rhodes is so average in just about every category, and doesn't strike me as heavyweight championship material. His mustache is more over than his mic work or ring work is.
  13. Personally I don't see him doing much in the future other than maybe jobbing. IF he gets better on the mic, maybe we can see him in some good feuds. No idea who with though D:
  14. Yep, I can only echo the sentiments of everyone else on this thread. My hope is that at some point he may revamp himself - a bit like Ziggy did. But I've never thought he was ready, at the moment he's just an above average midcarder and he's never been more than that IMO. I think he will be, one day.
  15. I'm on the fence with cody. I think his ability is undeniable but we will have to see. He is only 27 years old and has plenty of time to become a main eventer.
  16. The is definitely talented, but he just seems to be better in Tag Team competitions, like if he needs a partner always.
    I just don't know what he lacks exactly to get his own single character that can main event shows, but as many already said there is definitely something missing.
  17. Cody drew lots of attention to a then failing intercontinental championship with his undashing gimmick. IMO Rhodes could be a main eventer in a year or two.
  18. I'm still totally on the Cody Rhodes bandwagon, but it's looking more and more like he's one of the guys who will give his best effort if you put yours behind him. When he was given the chance to shine in 2011/early 2012, he was a star. When he fell down the card, got an idiotic feud with Sin Cara, then got stuck in a similar spot that he was in on his way up the card, he hasn't been bringing the same intensity that he brought when his star was brightest. Maybe he can recapture that magic if they started to push him again.
  19. It's just that WWE has no idea what to do with him. They've tried a multitude of things and it's making Rhodes seem bi-polar at this point, lmao. If they find the right gimmick again, he'll definitely be up there.
  20. This.

    Loved him as IC champ, then they totally killed that and he hasn't recovered since. Sad, really.
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