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  1. I think he is a decent talent and still quite young but has not reached the level of Main event and is directionless this present time. Do you guys think him being pushed this year? He will not win MITB and the midcard titles are of no importance. As i said he is young but we can only say that for so long. He needs a decent feud with someone on a higher level.
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    I doubt it. He'll probably stick with Goldust as a tag team partner for the remainder of the year because they need tag teams, plus they likely can't be arsed to find something else to do for either of them (and I enjoy the whole brother dynamic they have going on for them as a team anyway, if only they'd highlight their unusual relationship with one another more.) WWE seem more concerned with pushing other talent at the moment, like all three of The Shield members (when they break apart by the end of the year), Cesaro (a huge candidate to win the Money In The Bank briefcase), the Wyatt Family (I'm sure Wyatt will continue to be heavily featured in meaningful rivalries throughout the year, and Rowan and Harper might become the new Tag Team Champions by the end of the year, too), Swagger (to the Intercontinental or United States Championship... it'd make perfect sense for Swagger to win the US Championship, considering the whole "Real American" thing), etc.

    IMO, Cody Rhodes needs a personality transplant before I'd want to see him pushed as a singles guy. Right now, he reminds me of the way his brother was back in early 1990's WCW as "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes... talented in the ring and small hints of charisma, but mostly just a regular guy using his real name with no stand out personality traits.
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  3. Cody is the only Rhodes that has main event stature IMO
  4. Yeah I agree there is people ahead of him who are going to get pushed, he had a pretty good gimmick in the undashing phase before he turned into a generic cocky heel which he was not really standing out as. There have been guys have taken the cocky heel role further then him.
  5. love his in ring work, haven't seen much from him via promos or anything to make up my mind about his mic skills, I remember his legacy days being pretty good, was a decent heel.
  6. He showed a lot of promise as dashing/undashing Cody Rhodes, but inexplicably they rushed through those gimmicks. I believe he has the talent to become a main eventer, they just have to do it carefully and give him the right gimmick/angle for him to get to that higher level.
  7. I think he's okay in the upper midcard, but I don't think he has the mainevent bulge.
  8. He's had a few great gimmicks in the past, he's great in the ring and his feud with Damien Sandow was short but fantastic. I reckon if WWE give him another chance, he'll take it and he'll run.
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  9. His a talented wrestler but I'm not to sure if he can be a constant main-eventer but I think he could be a good Upper mid-carder. Maybe if he has the right gimmick things can work out.
  10. He's always seemed like a fuckboy to me. Nothing stands out about him. He is good in ring, but bland in nearly every category. I've enjoyed him more in his tag team than anything else he had done, so I hope Goldy sticks around and they get a storyline in the tag division. lol, just joking, storylines are for main event feuds only.
  11. Their feud was indeed awesome, nice shout.
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  12. Blandy McBlanderson. This eras Tito Santana. Good worker but not ME material.
  13. D'Z is an awfully angry person for someone who smokes so much weed. :idk:
  14. Have you heard of George Carlin? :pity2:
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  16. @Dolph'sZiggler yo remember that sig bet we did? I won it cos Lesnar faced Taker. Finding you a D-Bry one now
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  17. You clearly don't remember the bet, dumbass. If Lesnar faced Taker the bet was off.
  18. No, you said Bryan would face him.
    There you go.
  19. I said DB would face Taker if Brock didn't, and made certain to lay out the details of the bet in that way. find the thread if you want, I know I'm right and I'm damn sure not changing my sig lol
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