Cody Rhodes

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Robbie Coletrain, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. What's happened to this guy? All the rumors have been wrong, first they said he dropped the IC belt to move into the ME, then they said he would win MITB, well neither of these happened, he very rarely appears now, only to job to someone. Is he in the dog house? Because I can't think why he has been so depushed.
  2. He's a heat magnet. Heat is bad, so we shouldn't push him.

  3. Idiot ^
    Vickie > Cody in terms of heat. Vickie is cutting promos every week.

    Cody has been doing promotional work for WWE overseas. He's back now.
  4. cant even remember the last time i saw him
  5. That's exactly what I've been wondering about. But I remember he did get into some heat or took time off or something.
  6. :finger:
    Of course the fans will boo an ear-splitting harpie. She's annoying as fuck.

    Give Cody the mic, and he'll get heat, you've seen this.
  7. Apparently you aren't that far behind when it comes to this issue. Sorry but with that crass a remark you come of as rather crude and stupid in this situation (I do not mean that you are that full time just in this situation).

    Cody gains heat. He is one of the better heat magnets in WWE at the moment, playing a very old school heel role.
  8. Well I saw him last Smackdown, he is scheduled to face Sin Cara this Smackdown, so hopefully he gets more screen time. I like his heel role, everytime I talk to a casual fan they say Cody Rhodes sucks because of his attitude, so he is doing a great job as a heel, this alone is a reason why he needs more microphone time again.
  9. :facepalm1:
  10. Maybe he done something backstage and fucked up because all momentum has just stopped.
  11. Why would WWE not push him because he gains heat? Heat is good..
  12. Riley and Kidd get reactions, no push for them. (your theory has just been blown young man) :otunga:
  13. How is Vickie cutting promo's? She has like 30 seconds on the mic to introduce Dolph Ziggler.. She doesn't do promos.. are you kidding me right now?
  14. Comparing Vickie's heat to Riley&Kidd's reactions.

    And it's not my logic, is WWE's!

    Not so much now but you know the promo's I'm talking about. (US title run)
  15. Come on, Riley in his day (feuding with Miz) got amazing reactions, yet he was depushed, explain that. Also if your theory is true then why isn't Daniel Bryan a champion, instead he isn't even feuding for one, he gets bigger reactions than 99.99% of the roster so why?
  16. Well for one, Riley is in the dog house after a back stage incident where Cena was having a laugh at his expense and he over reacted.

    Because they don't have enough confidence in Bryan I'm presuming. And heat doesn't mean you get the title..
  17. That is a rumor, nobody came out and said it was true, and you said heat should get you pushed, yet Bryan gets the most heat out of every single heel and all the faces in a smark crowd and only behind Punk in a casual crowd so if heat=push, Bryan would be top of the food chain.
  19. That was a joke post, Jonathan. It's probably for some backstage reason, or they just don't know what to do with the guy yet.

    WWE has their babyface fetish, heels usually don't get anything over on the faces nowadays. It's almost like the company is afraid to let the heels get any heat because that would upset the kids. But you know this already.
  20. It's nothing new. Welcome to the life of a WWE midcarder. The start/stop pushes are always like this.
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