Other Cody Rhodes's Hit List

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  1. Really didn't know where to categorize this, but here are Cody's plans after 8/19.
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  2. ...so RoH and TNA? I see Angle on that list.
  3. This is one guy I really look forward to seeing succeed someplace else. Honestly he and Sandow should both TNA just because it'd be easy for me to only watch their youtube clips.
  4. And NJPW and PWG.

    Angle's done with TNA and is on the indies, but there's "The Miracle" guy on the list (Mike Bennett) who is in TNA, though.
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  5. What in the hell is Angle doing done with TNA but not in WWE? He would be huge for the AE part of the network and has charisma out his ears. I'm surprised they don't grab him just for an Angle special - i'd watch that for sure.
  6. VKM and HHH apparently don't want him back, because he can't stay healthy long enough these days.

    Although, I certainly wouldn't mind him back in the 'E for one last run.
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  7. Have him do a Sting, and for fucks sakes, have him manage someone who was a college/pro real wrestler. Angle in WWE is so much > Sting coming back, and that was a must also.
  8. Angle could manage Apollo Crews.
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  9. To get back on topic:

    PWG's annual event BOLA is in late August, so that may mark Cody's first appearance post-WWE release.
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  10. Too bad I won't be watching. Can't believe I used to like PWG.
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  11. Glad to see he has ambition outside of wwe, Not many ex wwe talent I would take in ROH but I really dig Rhodes. His undashing gimmick was gold but typical wwe dropped the ball and made him just another vain generic heel. His promos during his undashing phase were some of the best at that time in wwe imo. He can work a good match and has a cool moveset. Him vs O Reilly would be one hell of a match
  12. Dixie Carter probably creamed her pants when she saw that Rhodes wants to face one of her guys. :steiner:
  13. Angle is a trainwreck who cannot stay sober/can only walk for short periods. He's too big a risk to cart around on the road.
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  14. LOL, Barrett's got his own list:
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  15. Barrett's list > Cody's
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  16. Firstly I hope Cody gets success out the WWE as he's a talent who for whatever reason maybe the "Billy Gunn" effect just didn't get quite as over as he should have done. I will definitely be keeping an eye on his career and trajectory. Who knows after a main title run away he could be back. Stranger things have happened.
  17. I thought his first post-WWE appearance would be at PWG's BOLA event this year since it's in late August, but still, cool to know he'll be working with Angle in what would be a first time ever encounter for both guys.