Cody's replacement?

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  1. So guys, Cody Rhodes got injured on Main Event's tapings last Tuesday when with a nasty fall after a Back Body Drop by Kane. My sources inform me that he's going to go through some examinations today to check if he's OK to wrestle in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match on Sunday, but if he's not, who would you pick to replace him on Team Ziggler alongside DZ, Sandow, Barrett and Del Rio?
  2. Just don't let him be in the ring for too long during the tag team match.
  3. Chimera in a surprise debut, I hope Ricardo can introduce him.
  4. :isee:
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  5. I'm so glad someone finally caught that.
  6. It's Tensai for Cody Rhodes replacement! :yes:
  7. Fuking Kane :sad:
  8. I don't think it was Kane's fault... not much to do when applying a Back Body Drop.
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