Coffee or Tea?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Coffee

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  2. Tea

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  1. I'm just wondering what you all prefer, me personally I like both, but I can't resist a good cup of Yorkshire tea!
  2. Coffee. I don't like tea. It taste like crap water.
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  3. :upset: But tea is my favourite. It tastes nice.
  4. Yorkshire = :win:

    Anyway I love tea, I drink it every day coffee however I only tend to drink either as an espresso shot if I'm feeling tired or a vanilla flavored latte, so I'm a tea guy.
  5. Of course all of you eurofags like tea.

    I'll like it if I taste something that doesn't taste like the liquified form of crap
  6. Yorkshire Tea = The Best. Seabs knows what he's talking about! :otunga:
  7. How very dare you, one does not simply disrespect Tea on a forum own by Brits.


    Look at how disappointed her maj is.
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  8. Seabs she's spitting angry, make her a cuppa' quick.

  9. I'm on it Champ.

  10. Buddha :finger: the Queen.
  11. Tea ofc.
  12. :otunga:
  13. Yorkshire Tea and Lipton's = :win:

    Coffee = Never tried it. Going to go make some now. It smells awful but it's probably nice.
  14. I'm the opposite, Coffee imo smells amazing -- especially Black coffee. Though I despise the taste of it, you need to get yourself used to it with milky coffee's and shit.
  15. Bradshaw You're a :boss1:

    P.S I'm currently drinking tea.
  16. Tea but I am a sucker for a Skinny Latte from Starbucks from time to time.
  17. What is a Skinny Latte? :dawg:
  18. When someone says "skinny" they are going to be getting basically the least calories in their beverage. So a latte is made up of espresso, steamed milk (if you're getting hot of course) and a small layer of foam on top. Nothing is really different from a regular flavored latte than a skinny other than you're just using non-fat milk and sugar-free syrup. To me, they taste the same. I don't really notice a difference the sugar-free syrups are made with sucralose, which is a sugar substitute which is mostly in

    From yahoo answers so it's probably wrong but still.
  19. I just think it tastes nicer lol.
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