Kayfabe Preview Show Cold Day In Hell: Crown Jewel & IWT Title

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    Crown Jewel and IWT Championship Unification Match (If Nick agrees)

    KJ Kidd @Gino Bambino vs Nick @Nickelodeon


    Only the competitors can post here.

    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on May 1st British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
  2. *The Following Footage was Shot at a Small RWK Show Prior to Cold Day in Hell*

    "I'm going through changes!"

    At the top of the show, the theme song of the new holder of RWK's Crown Jewel begins playing throughout the small venue. The crowd begins to cheer, awaiting the arrival of KJ Kidd. After a few moments, the new champion makes his way through the curtain to a heavy applause, Wearing a full suit, KJ rests the championship over his shoulder, smiling proudly. He takes in the applause before slowly walking toward the ring. He extends his hand to high-five a few fans in the front row as the crowd chants "You Deserve It!" over and over again. Being handed a microphone, KJ stands in the middle of the ring, but the crowd's chants overwhelm him, and he is unable to get a word out. This continues on for a good minute before the crowd begins to finally die down. KJ is amused by the amount of support he is receiving from the crowd, but he is finally able to speak.

    "Thank you for that, seriously. You don't know how much that means to me."

    This is greeted by more cheers and applause from the audience.

    "My entire career, I've been fighting to get something like this in my possession. For seventeen long years, I have been doing whatever it takes to get to where I am at today. And now I can stand in this ring and say that I am a champion!"

    One more time, the crowd acknowledges KJ's words with applause.

    "I've come a long way from my NGW days, that's for sure. I've fended off an overly developed manchild, I uncorked the Bottleheads, I took down Chris Young, and I defied the odds and I knocked Torunn Shock out of his seat as the king of Royal Wrestling Kingdom. And let me put it bluntly, Torunn was by far the toughest opponent that I have ever stepped into a wrestling ring with. He was big, he was strong, and he had a plan going in... But, that wasn't enough for him to take me down. Despite all of his advantages, he didn't have the mental toughness to be a successful champion here in RWK. And because of that, this championship is now mine."

    "Although now, I have to look forward to Cold Day in Hell. Ironically enough, my next opponent is the one from my past who beat me in my very first match here in RWK. And to be fair, I wasn't really ready to be back in a ring at that point yet. I had yet to shake off all of the rust, y'know? Nick had my number that night, and he made me submit in the center of this very ring. Although, it may have been a blessing in disguise. Because after that loss, I went on the best run of my career. I knocked down everybody that stood in my way, and I managed to find myself at the top of the food chain. And at Cold Day in Hell, I rewrite the script to our first match. This time, Nick, things are going to be very different for you and me. Now, I have everything to lose."

    The crowd boos the possibility of KJ losing the title that he has worked so hard to finally grasp, this amuses KJ ever so slightly as he lets out a chuckle before he speaks again.

    "This championship means the world to me. The night I won this sits right up there next to some of the most important days of my life. I am not going to let myself lose it, especially not in my first every title defense. In fact, I plan to add another championship to my collection by beating you for your IWT Championship. I need to redeem myself from my loss at The Grand Coronation. That wrong needs to be righted in the only way that it can be. I want to, and I will make you submit in this ring just like you did to me months ago. It's the only way for this story to properly end, and I am the one who's going to write that final chapter."

    With this final phrase, KJ drops his arm to his side and begins to exit the ring as his theme starts up once again. The crowd applauds him and chants "KJ" over and over again as he makes his exit. At the top of the ramp, KJ stops and holds the Crown Jewel over his head once more before officially making his exit.

    -End Segment-
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  3. We are greeted by the sight of a blanket sprawled out among the green Spring grass. The pink and white blanket is being held down by a large basket, a beach bag, and three individually set plates. While nobody is seated on the blanket, the sounds of laughter can be heard nearby. There we see a family. A man, woman, and small child lay on the grass near the picnic setting. The child is sitting on the chest of her father, cooing and blabbering about who knows what. Enjoying each other's company, the couple both talk aimlessly about their daily lives, letting the time pass by as though they have all of it to spare.


    "This is the first time in a while that I've had the chance to spend some quality time with my family."

    Having returned to the picnic, the family are all together. The man, KJ Kidd, is seated at the base of a nearby tree, holding his daughter, Peyton, in his arms. The young child playfully grabs at her father's shirt.

    "Cut it out, kiddo."

    KJ laughs as his attempt to discipline his child is blatantly ignored, as Peyton continues to reach up to him. This continues on for a short while before Peyton gets distracted with something else.

    "Kid sure is a handful."


    Once more, the camera cuts to another scene, now in front of the home of KJ Kidd and his family. However, his family is no longer around, and KJ is the only one being seen. Sitting alone on his porch, KJ stares off into the night. The look on his face exudes pure joy and happiness, as his family has likely turned in for the night, leaving him to be alone.

    "I miss that kid every time I go on the road, but man can she be something to deal with. Small doses, that's how my family and I function. We only have so much time together because of what I'm doing. And now that I'm champion it's been even less so. It's one of the drawbacks to success, you don't get to see those that you love as much. To make matters worse, you see the guys that you hate more than you see your family. It's rough, but it's a sacrifice that I am willing to make. It's a situation that Rin has come to accept and we do whatever we can to ensure that we are together as much as possible. I've seen her and Peyton on a screen of a computer more than I've seen them in person. It is definitely not an easy adjustment, but it's a necessary one. Because of my work, and her understanding, I can go out and live my dream of being a champion... I owe everything to her."

    KJ takes a pause, rubbing his hands together while he thinks.

    "That's why I will do whatever it takes to hold onto my championship, our championship. I am not doing this for myself anymore. Everything I do is now for the woman I love and the daughter I would die for. Because now that I've climbed the mountain, I have to defend my territory. As far as I am concerned, I am the gatekeeper. To get to the top of RWK, you have to first go through KJ Kidd. You have to take down a focused man. A dangerous man... A man with everything to lose... That's the challenge that is placed in front of whoever thinks they're ready to take the leap to the next level."

    "I am the one who is going to halt Nick's ascent to the top of the wrestling world. He currently holds a championship that was once valuable, but now holds the name of a defunct company. That means that Nick is the champion of nothing. The 'championship' that he holds is nothing more than a prop, as far as I'm concerned. That's why when Nick and I meet once again, I am going to take away the one thing that Nick still cherishes and holds onto dearly. The Royal Wrestling Kingdom only has room for one world champion, one true king, and you're looking at him."

    "I'll admit it, Nick, the dark cloud of defeat still floats above my head every day. The memory of our first match is still vivid in my mind. It's a nightmare that has been haunting me since day one. Soon, I will rid myself of this regret and frustration, and I will redeem myself. When you and I face off once more, there is only one true clear cut decisive ending to this story. It ends with me grabbing you by the ankle. Wrenching it, twisting it. I am going to make you submit and admit defeat to me, Nick. Oh, and this isn't just a prediction, this is a guarantee."

    With his final declaration, KJ turns away from the camera as the scene slowly fades to black, a confident KJ being the final lasting image.

    -End Segment-
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    In the ring stands an unknown wrestler, whose generic music is playing. He is panting in the ring after what appears to have been a tryout match of some sort has come to a close. The lights in the arena dim, and a new song begins to play.

    A burst of pyro explodes and the lights restore, but nobody enters. The unknown man stands confused, and as the song eventually transitions into a familiar melody (1:15), a commotion can be heard from the crowd. Nick comes storming in from the barricade, and the shaky fan-recorded video can't focus on him for a few seconds. When the shot gets clearer, we see him grab the wrestler from behind and plant him with the snapmare driver. He stands up and turns towards the crowd, a grin stretched across his face. He is wearing black jeans and a black shirt with the letters "IWT" crossed out. He bends down and lifts his championship, taking in the reactions from the fans. The champion rests the belt on his shoulder and grabs a microphone.

    "Surprise! I know I wasn't supposed to be here tonight, but I just couldn't help myself. Because you see, I've got a message to get across to everyone in the world. So whether I'm booked or not, I will be showing up at every damn show before Cold Day in Hell and taking over!"

    The crowd gives him a mixed reaction, and he shrugs

    "What do you know? I'm back in the main event again. And who stands in my way this time? The 'almighty' KJ Kidd. I'm just shaking in my boots thinking about all the horrible things this man might do to me. A man who I made tap out with no effort at all. How will I ever defeat this monster? Maybe I'll just have to lock him into the Brooklyn Bridge once again. See if he lasts longer than 5 seconds this time around."

    He smirks and begins pacing around the ring.

    "The fact that this pathetic excuse for a wrestler is representing this place as its king is everything that's wrong with it! A man who all his life was nothing but a failure. A man who doesn't fight for the right reasons. You fight for your family? That's all, eh? There's so much wrong with that being your sole purpose here. Disgraceful. This isn't just a meal ticket DAMMIT! I have given my life, my body, my soul for this sport and people like you come along and make me sick! You're not here for the art, the sport, or the fans! I'm the one who throughout his whole career, has never changed his conviction. It's been about professional wrestling since day one."

    Nick pauses and takes a few deep breathes, earning some cheers from the fans.

    "I've got a serious problem with you, KJ. You addressed me at a show a few weeks back and said winning that title was one of the important moments of your life? ONE OF? It should be the most by far if this is what you've worked for SEVENTEEN years like you said you have! When I won my first title, it didn't matter how bad the 'X-Deadvision' was, I still burst into tears. Then I saved that championship! My first title win is one of my most important moments, but it is only succeeded by other championship victories in my illustrious career. You and I are way too different. The only thing we share is a common desire for that Crowned Jewel. But you want it for all the wrong reasons. It won't work out for you. You were a loser for 17 years and fluked your way into a championship. I've been a wrestler for about 3 and a half years and have held more titles than you'd be able to if you lasted 1700 years."

    Ooh's and Ah's can be heard from the crowd after that line

    "My unmatchable drive, my unbreaking will, my far superior abilities... all of these are reasons why I will emerge from Hell alive and you will be left to rot with Satan."

    Nick looks at the IWT Championship.

    "KJ said that this has no meaning. That this is just a belt, nothing more... THIS IS MORE THAN A DAMN PROP! This championship belt that rests upon my shoulder represents more than that shitty little tiara ever will! What I hold represents nearly five years of excellence! Nearly five years of excitement, of memories, of wrestling. This is the last living legacy of the once great promotion known as IWT. And I'll be damned if I let some smart mouthed, lifelong loser with no respect take it! You'll have to kill me for this championship title to end up in your grimy hands. This championship stays with me until I'm six feet under, and that's the way it'll always be. I have given my life for this. There is no chance you even touch this championship title."

    Nick takes a moment to pause, the emotion becoming clearly audible in his voice, causing the crowd to cheer him.

    "KJ... you're dead wrong. You will not write the ending to this story because I'm the author. The story does not end with you making me submit and taking the one thing I still cherish. I can't believe the lovable KJ Kidd would even suggest such a wicked finale. It does not end with an ankle lock, not even close. In fact, our story doesn't even end at A Cold Day in Hell. There's more than one chapter left to go. The next chapter? You will submit when I lock you in the Brooklyn Bridge yet again. But what's the one that follows? I will take what you cherish..."

    His emotional demeanor twists into a wicked grin as he turns towards the small house show titantron. The respect that he had seemed to earn from some of these fans vanishes as gasps can be heard throughout the crowd

    A video of Nick standing outside a home is displayed.

    "KJ! I'm outside your house... a beautiful place, I must say. Showing me your lovely family could have been the gravest mistake you've ever made. I did have a reputation back in the IWT for taking people's ladies, after all. You see, after I make you submit at a Cold Day in Hell, you're gonna be out of commission. You won't be able to support your sweet daughter and your beautiful wife. How will they survive? Don't worry KJ... I'll take your place for you. PERMANENTLY. That's how our story will end. I'm gonna do to you what you said you'd do to me. I'm gonna take all that you cherish. I will take your Crowned Jewel. I will end your wrestling career. I will take your wife and make her mine. That nightmare that has been haunting you since day one will only get worse and worse everyday. That is how the story of Nick vs KJ Kidd will come to an end."

    The chilling video ends with Nick smiling and holding up a picture of KJ's wife and daughter. He moves his finger to reveal the rest of the photo, showing that he is standing next to them, holding the Crowned Jewel.
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