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  1. Sorry but how good are these guys? At times they can be hilarious and at times (like the ME) they just make everything 10x more exciting. JBL's heel work after the Shield attack was amazing, with Cole going like fucking insane lol. These two need to pair up weekly again.
  2. :true: was the king there? It's a pity the fact that jbl comments on Sd!
  3. Let king be a backstage interviewer, and give JBL the full time gig as the colour man. King just doesn't have it anymore.
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  4. I was so impressed by Cole, he was on JR levels (in my opinion) at times last night. JBL works off him so well as well, he's such a damn gifted colour commentator. King was useless, he said nothing (which was good) and all the humour and excitement came from Cole & JBL. It amazes me that so many people used to shit on Cole's commentary work.
  5. I shit on heel Cole. He irritated the fuck out of me as a heel. He's more suited to being a face commentator with a heel colour man. Another great reason to show King the door.
  6. Then he was a very successful heel.
  7. He didn't get heat from me for what he was saying, it was how he was acting. I can only suspend my disbelief for so long.
  8. They were on fire last night.
  9. They were awesome indeed. It's so sad to have a horrible one like King complemeting them. Booker T would be better at that, I reckon. They really helped last night.
  10. Seeing how good Cole and JBL were tonight made me see how shit Jerry was/is. Cole amd JBL literally wanting to fight each other after The Shield interference was awesome.
  11. I loved it when JBL was like "If you don't shut up I'll come over and put you through the table myself" or something, pure gold. They're seriously incredible together, but I didn't need to see their talent to realise Jerry is trash, we have all known this for a while.
  12. there always amazing together hope jbl takes over jerry lawler eventually once he finished climing mountains
  13. They were my favorite commentary pairing before JBL returned to the booth, now there isn't even a single pairing close for me. I absolutely loved the commentary at the Rumble (minus those few times King remembered he's suppose to commentate).
  14. Well Lawler's commentary is heart stopping.
  15. :isee:
  16. Botch are great for sure. But Lawler, he sucks.
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