Cole doesn't fake his laughter!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. I call BS on this shit
  2. I think he did legitimately laughed. The reason being is because he's a human, he does have a sense of humor. I personally was laughing and I know many did laugh from this forum too as they put it on the discussion thread. In conclusion, if we laughed, why can't he? The things said to make him laugh where funny.
  3. It didn't sound natural. It sounded just like the way he laughs at King's jokes. I actually don't think he has much of a sense of humour tbh.
  4. I understand and respect your view but my issue is the promo was legitimately funny. If it was something like Tensai falling like he did on the slammy's then yes there's a strong case however it was legitimately funny. I know if I was in Micheal Cole's position it'd have been the same scenario.
  5. It was damn funny for sure, I just see Cole as a stiff who can never hold a candle to JR as far as real emotions go.
  7. Cole has played a lot of roles really well in his years with WWE. I don't understand some people's hate for him. He was really good back in the day, and is far from the problem today.
  8. Never thought he was good, would rather have Matthews tbh. My favourite of all time though was Vince, followed by Gorilla.
  9. Cole is so much win.
  10. This simmering rivalry is almost 45 minutes old - will it be resolved!?
  11. Cole knows what is going to happen every show... King doesn't unless he is someway involved because he feels it adds to his reactions.
    Cole, I am sure knew "some" stuff that they were going to say, but he prob was really laughing. I can see him laughing at penis jokes...There sure were a lot of them on Raw... Or am I the only one who noticed that?
  12. Micheal Cole is an awesome commentator. He can quite easily play heel and watching those funny NXT videos, he actually made the show much more interesting. Josh Matthews and Micheal Cole are a great team.
  13. If he legitimately laughed at those lame jokes Cole is a child.
  14. I didn't laugh, personally. But by reading some comments I understand that some people found it funny, so he could be laughing legitimately, or maybe not.
  15. Yeah, no, not just you, sadly enough. That got tiring quick.
  16. right from the get go... I mean, I was shocked. I almost want to rewatch it and count how many there were but I can't put myself through that again. lol I think the whole Cena/Ziggler/AJ skit had like 4 or 5... Then there were a few in between that, then the Rock/Punk skit had at least 4... Did they forget kids watch the show or something? I mean its bad enough my two little cousins (11,12) think everything is gay right now... I wonder why! Thanks WWE! lol
  17. Who cares about dick jokes? If parents aren't responsible enough to explain things to their children it's their own fault. WWE as a company has no real responsibility to make sure children don't hear dick jokes.
  18. Its fine for like 9+ but there are 5 and 6 year olds watching it.. That's all I am saying. I wont be telling my daughter dick jokes when shes 5. Thats just f* up. lol

    They over did it with them. Instead of making it one or two they did like 10 to the point where it wasn't even funny just weird.
  19. Again, WWE did nothing wrong. Dick jokes are perfectly fine under PG guidelines. The responsibility does not lie with WWE but rather with parents. TV has no responsibility what so ever with what children hear or see unless it is a full on out kids show, which WWE RAW is not. Children of the age of 5 in general aren't going to get those jokes either way. The responsibility lies with parents to explain it to the children. RAW could do as many as they like. It's a show for the "entire family", which equals adults as well as children. If you don't want five year olds to risk hearing swear words or adult humor either stop taking them out into civilization or move out to the woods. To expect them not to hear it from somewhere is naive.
  20. Dave Meltzer, is that you?
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