Cole Giving Lawler Symfy?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. "Symfy" - :steiner:

    Anyone notice Cole being overly sympathetic towards Lawler lately. I'm sitting here re-watching Raw and I'm noticing that Cole is laughing at all these lame jokes Lawler is dishing out. Lawler's jokes, more often than not are terrible, and watered down. There is no way a 44 year old man like would find his jokes funny, unless he's really that easy to appease. Do you guys think Cole is legitly laughing at these terrible jokes or is he just giving him pity laughs because he had a heart attack?
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    like my girlfriend fakes her orgasms cause I'm bad in bed

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    and by orgasms I mean tastebud orgasms because I make her breakfast in bed, I'm a bad chef though

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  3. I think it's because HE'S FAT! :STEINER:
  4. LOL:pity:
  5. I think it might have to do more with him being a face now. Him telling Lawler his joke is shit wouldn't be very face-like.
  6. I mean, did he really laugh that much at Lawler before? I didn't really pay attention to commentary that much before. If not, then it's probably because of the attack. Being a dick to someone who almost died is really kinda' rude, but at the same time it's really not that interesting if they're more friends than anything, even though they do seem to disagree a lot. I love watching JBL/Matthews arguments more on Smackdown.
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  8. Well he doesn't have to do that, but the guy goes chicken shit for bad jokes. A simple chuckle is all that's needed or not laughing at all.
  9. Lol'd. :obama:
  10. Tastebud orgasms. That could be interpreted into a salty drink.

  11. Cole always brushed Lawler's jokes off like they were nothing and kept it moving. I really noticed it last Raw when Daniel Bryan was doing some pretty good things in the ring and commentary is ruining the match with Lawler's lame jokes and Cole's laughter. I do like the prefer the commentary opposed to when Cole was extreme heel a year and some change ago.

    :jbl: Only 2nd to JR
  12. She likes sem..sea water
  13. :blown:
  14. Who drinks sea water? :dafuq:
  15. Semen
  16. He's a face now...
  17. You didn't find Cole over promoting the matches he was involved in irritable?

  18. I know that, but the drink he was trying to cover it with. Didn't really make any sense. :Hmm:
  19. I'd consider him more tweener than face, he has his moments
  20. I just didn't understand your post because of your grammar, lmfao.
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