Discussion in 'RAW' started by Cloud, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else getting frustrated with Cole's massive overuse of the word 'vintage' to describe the same old s**t on RAW? Every two seconds its 'vintage Orton' 'vintage Cena'.
  2. Its just Vintage Micheal Cole:otunga:
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  3. I can't complain, because I think he's an awesome commentator to be honest. It's quite impressive that he manages to make commentating somewhat entertaining when he has this fat out-of-touch idiot in Jerry Lawler latched on to him.
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  4. Lol. Just annoying me as i catch up on RAW tonight. An i kno Crayo i love the guy but the word vintage doin my head in as its always used to describe the five moves of doom or orton pumping up to an rko etc the boring stuff lol.
  5. I'd prefer the Combo of JR and JBL over Cole and Lawler.
  6. JR, JBL, and Cole are great. Cole & JBL = BITW

  7. :dawg: This shows has shit Taz, Tenay, King, Striker and whoever is doing this shit not named Bill Regal is tbh, Cole is good but shouldn't be anywhere near the top in two companies IMO. He miscalls the majority of moves for one.
  8. Michael Cole isn't the best commentator either. How often does he undersell big moments (sometimes with complete silence) that JR would have put over the top? (Like Brock Lesnar's return last year F-5ing Cena.) He's definitely better than Lawler, but that isn't saying much. And in Lawler's defense, who else do they have to replace him? Josh Matthews and JBL wouldn't work since they're technically both baby faces.

    I really wish we had a complete shakeup on the commentary team completely because I'm tired of hearing both Cole and Lawler. It's a shame they no longer have two guys with perfect chemistry like JR/Lawler or Monsoon/Ventura or Monsoon/Heenan or even Vince/Ventura.
  9. Cole's best work is with JBL. Cole has his best chemistry with JBL and the two play off eachother so well.
  10. I wouldn't consider JBL a face at all. He usually supports the heels and constantly puts down Matthews and/or Cole.
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