Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, May 12, 2012.

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  1. I must say that I am more than Impressed with Cole lately.

    It seems that he is evolving.:youdontsay:

    Dont get me wrong. I had no issues with the Cole of Old. I actually liked the Cole mine.
    I have read on here before that he is becoming more of a tweener. I think I like this Cole most of all. He is rarely off in his calls and he has shifted into more of a promote the talent more then himself mode.

    I couldnt be happier!

    Also, sorry I havent been on much as of late. I have had a very long last month. I just currently went on stress leave at work. Long story.
  2. He's one of the best commentators in WWE. You can see that by how he carries that fat pervert Jerry Lawler. I think they needed to turn him to a tweener. One, he's better at it, two, you can't have a mega-heel commentating play-by-play, it'll just piss everyone off.

    Cole was astonishing in that Lesnar vs Cena match, that's one of my favourite matches that he's called. I just wish they would kick Lawler off the team and add Scott Stanford as the play-by-play. Their banter would be great and Scott is a great play-by-play announcer.
  3. I like Cole at times, but he needs to be doing color commentary. He isn't really a play by play guy. Obviously Lawler needs to gtfo, but the only person with a vote disagrees with everyone else on Earth.
  4. Cole as a tweener makes sense, he's an OK play-by-play guy. A lead announcer who's also a heel doesn't work, so I'm glad he's focusing more on matches instead of putting himself over. As far as Lawler goes... does Vince really think he's that necessary? Because I heard someone talking about Lawler's position, he's never screamed at by management, doesn't give a damn about the product, shows up on monday to do his job and doesn't even watch SD. Vince won't scream at him because he's afraid he'll quit. But why is Vince afraid of him quitting? He's not doing a good job.
  5. Matt Striker and Cole. Don't get me wrong Stanford is good too but Striker just has the enthusiasm in his voice when commentating which could make moments gold.
  6. Tweener and Tweener? No. Striker is a heel or tweener commentator. You need a super face to do play-by-play. Stanford > Anyone.
  7. We could make Striker a super face commentator. He'd be just as good or in fact better than Stanford. I rather have Stanford on Smackdown to make Smackdown at least feel important.
  8. I don't think Cole (and Lawler) like working with Striker. I head they were complaining about him being an attention whore or something... I loved his smarky commentary. :upset:
  9. Michael Coulthard - the baws. :cole:
  10. Striker as super face? Nooo.
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