College football is flipped turned upside down

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. The best pocket passer going into next season is black:
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    and the best scrambling QB is white:

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    Seriously though Manziel looks like every kid who ever created themselves in a video game. Short white QB who runs like Vick. boom, that's Johnny Football. And Teddy Bridgewater is a beast. Just like Teddy Roosevelt, he walks softly and carries a big stick.

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  2. Yeah they are both good young qb's. However I am rather tall and slow. 6'2 225 so my characters were usually pocket passers :obama:
  3. Read the original post again, this time opening all spoilered pictures.
  4. Yeah i got it. The pocket passer is black and the Scrambler is white. Didn't have anything to add to that.
  5. I didn't think you guys would catch on to my joke.

    I'm not sure if it will be as funny without the sublimity.

    and carries a big stick

  6. LMFAO oh shit. I didn't think to look at his cock. I get it now, touche haha
  7. :vince: :lol1: oh holy fuck thats a good one.

    Sorry, didnt know i was late.
  8. When I get NCAA Football I'm using Louisville in our online dynasty. TEDDY "BIG STICK" BRIDGEWATER BABY LEGGO
  9. When is this happening? Im ready to play now, son.
  10. Did someone say online dynasty :gusta:
  11. You in Danielson? A three man OD would be sweet. We could move at a fairly quick pace
  12. I have the game and a 12 month gold card, Aids. Leggo.
  13. I'll make it (once my system downloads a years worth of updates :pity1: )

    btw I'll be using future conference realignments:

    I'm using Louisville, who will be in the ACC. You guys choose your teams.
  14. Can you not read you goddamn neanderthal? I. DO. NOT. HAVE. AN. XBOX. MICROPHONE. TALKING. DEVICE.

    I'm Louisville. What teams do you guys want and we can get started tonight
  15. @Danielson
    @Aids Johnson

    pick teams dummies
  16.'re serious. Make a fucking league. I picked wisconsin, now i've been waiting for 20 minutes while you dick around with no headset. How bad is your lisp?
  17. learn to mic you fuck. join the party and ill chat in here with you, you fucking goon.
  18. Get over me not having a mic you fucking cry baby motherfucker
  19. play vs the computer if you dont want to talk shit. Waiting in the lobby for 30 mins is a waste.
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