Colocinni walks out on Newcastle FC - Rumour

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Acailler, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. BREAKING: Newcastle defender Coloccini has quit the club by walking out. #nufc

    Apparently, according to many other tweets, he's quit football altogether.

  2. Quit football altogether? Wow, that is huge, he's an incredibly talented CB and one of the best in the most competitive league in the world. I guess family has a huge influence on his decision.
  3. Ok, now we have proof:
  4. Although I believe this to be true, newspapers aren't proof, because they write shit just to sell papers.

    Hope to god it is true though. LALAN!!!
  5. He wants to move back to Argentina so desperately that he is willing to quit his club, but won't reduce his wages to play for an Argentinian club side?
  6. As long as he's not doing it to move to a better club, then it's his choice to quit. Most people quit their jobs due to a circumstance like family at some point.
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