Color change for Legends.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Zamorakian, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Gold is really ugly, to be honest, the color of the Superstars group is so much better than this one.

    I vote for a pink color change with a nice glow.
  2. Pink would be disgusting imo, and we've already had a colour change not long ago. Also if you hate the gold change back to the superstar usergroup.
  3. I'm not a part of that usergroup.

    Pink disgusting? Haha.
  4. Yeah it is imo, post some examples of the colour you want.


  6. Code:

    This one would be great.
  7. Still don't like it personally, you'll have to see what Xanth thinks as I think he's the one responsible for this kind of thing.
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  9. I would really love legends to chose there colour or have mulitcoloured user name

    does this help


  10. @[WWE] god no, that's never happening.

    Might consider pink.
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  11. NOT PINK!

    We should have a colour selector and we get to choose what colour we want


    we can special effects to our names like Shadow,fade,fire,glow,3d ect!

    as legends we look the same as normal members :emoji_slight_frown:
  12. *Thumbs up*

    Maybe the future Hall of Fame usergroup gets to have this "color selector" feature?
  13. What is Hall of fame user group
  14. Another group Crayo mentioned adding, if I remember rightly it won't be something you buy rather he just adds you. < He mentioned it there.
  15. That's cool

    but legends need more features tbh, custom name images, shout box, private video thread to watch wwe, a rank better than rep that unlocks stuff in a WF virtual SHOP like colour changes
  16. Post your suggestions in the Legends section.

  17. yeah but crayo likes to keep things simple thats why not as many people upgrade, on ttg and HF you get loads of stuff for your $$$
  18. Even though I'm not a legend myself, but a shoutbox god no.
  19. Private video threads wouldn't work as we have things in public, custom username colours could be cool but the shoutbox is a horrible idea imo use status'. Name images also could look very messy.
  20. Custom name images won't happen. Can cause too many problem and get annoying.

    Shoutbox won't happen because Crayo wants us to make posts instead of posting in the shoutbox. During live discussions, people will just use the shoutbox and there won't any posts on the threads. People also use status box as a shoutbox.

    Crayo wants all members to view those videos otherwise people will just go to different sites/forums and find it. It attracts guests to becomes registered members. They might just lurk around but some may post.

    There isn't anything else to add on the virtual shop. Most of the features you'd add on the virtual shop are the features you get for upgrading. And if there's not enough features for upgrading, people won't even upgrade.
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