Colt Cabana to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. I know it's not much of a report, but hey, would you be excited for this?
  2. Heard of this guy but never seen him before. decided to watch a match :hmm:

    it was a good match :dawg: i guess he could be good in wwe
  3. From what I heard him say at the Comic-Con panel, I didn't necessarily take it to mean that Colt was coming back to the WWE. I thought he probably meant the charity event they're doing in Chicago soon, which also ties in with Punk being on an Art of Wrestling podcast that will be recorded at that live event. Since I could be extremely wrong, I'll just say if he returned to WWE it could be interesting. I like Colt, but I didn't watch when he was in WWE.
  4. If you blinked you would of missed his time in the "E"
  5. If he returns to the roster, wonder if he returns as Colt Cabana or Scotty Goldman
  6. Good question... Personally i love his gimmick but i don't think it would work in the wwe
  7. No idea what character to put him in when he signs.. :hmm:
  8. I hope he does, but it depends on how. Im sure everyone knows how i feel about the overuse of punk in WWE with the 3 hour slot weekly, and Colt coming back means we have to see the pipebomb or hear about it over, and over, and over again. He is hilarious and IMO is worth it though.
  9. Yeah, he was with WWE from what.... 07-09? I wasn't watching then and just started watching regularly in the past couple of years or so.

    If he were to come back, which again I'm not sure of, it would be interesting to see if he returned as Boom Boom Cabana or Scotty Goldman or even Matt Classic.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of Colt. I think he is hilarious, I love his AOW podcast and weekly "Creative Has Nothing for You" short, and he's one reason I watch $5 Wrestling. While I do enjoy Colt and his performances, I'm just still not sure how well he'd do in the current WWE product. It could be interesting to see, however.
  10. It'd be great to see Colt in WWE, he's really entertaining and talented.
  11. I'd love to see Colt Cabana back in the WWE and hope this happens and that WWE doesn't screw it up.

    Of course, I also hope I wake up tomorrow with the brain of Theodore Roosevelt, the body of Randy Orton, and the charisma of Ronald Reagan, so.......

    Oh, wait! I've got those things. So this could happen.

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  12. Colt would be great in WWE but I could see them making him permanent mid-card cause they're stupid :sad:
  13. Gimmick in the vid ain't ME material imo..
  14. I don't know, Mid-Carder plus MITB wouldn't be bad.
  15. Fuck no Colt is an asshole he disrespected Barbie
  16. That should make him fit in well with the roster of the roster
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