Colt doesn't like ROH releasing a DVD about him

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Thoughts? I can understand him being annoyed after all he isn't contracted with them anymore I believe and I imagine a lot of his revenue comes through his merch sales although I have no idea how much of a cut he's getting from ROH.
  2. Well if they used that type of grammar, I wouldn't want to work with them too. Jesus ROH, get your shit together.
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  3. I figured he wasn't getting a cut from ROH at all. It's probably just one of those "any footage of you during your time at ROH belongs to us" type deals. So my thoughts were that he isn't getting anything from the ROH DVD sales, and I agree it's stupid and can't blame him for being upset when they fired him because they thought comedic wrestling wouldn't work well. Then they turn around and put out a DVD of his ROH days and even refer to him on the DVD info as, "The funny man, the man who has given us so many Good Times and Great Memories...."
  4. I understand ROH wanting to make the DVD. They own a lot of footage of Cabana and have now realized that he actually equaled a decent amount of money. But sadly they burnt the bridge with him since he is refusing to come back apparently.

    Pretty dog move to make it without his consent or offering him a part of the profit. It's not like Colt is in the WWE like Cesaro, Ohno, Bryan and Punk or in TNA like Aries. Colt is still approachable by them.
  5. To think the guy like Cabana has a DVD... :facepalm:
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