Come at me with logic as to why there isn't a cruiserweight division.

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  1. I'm genuinely curious as to why there is no cruiserweight division in WWE. The "X-Division" in TNA has worked wonderfully well and has showcased some of the most entertaining matches in its recent history. It's easy to understand why, because the matches are quick and you naturally get the awesome spots. Smaller guys with more agility can do more in the ring than bigger guys, that's just physics.

    Now, let's look at WWE's roster and guys who could likely qualify for their cruiserweight division:

    -Evan Bourne
    -Tyson Kidd
    -Kofi Kingston
    -El Generico
    -Adrian Neville
    -Daniel Bryan can hop down into it at times
    -Jericho could qualify probably
    -Justin Gabriel
    -Seth Rollins
    -Rey Mysterio
    -Sin Cara

    The list goes on. It's STACKED with talented wrestlers who would make that division insanely good; you could argue the potential cruiserweight roster in WWE is better than TNA's.

    The majority of those wrestlers are simply unused because WWE doesn't know how to. They're put into random tag-teams that don't get over because there is no emphasis on the tag-team division, or they're shoved down to developmental. Imagine a thriving crusierweight division with those names with actual storylines and matches that have time.

    So, can somebody please tell me why they wouldn't want to do this? Is it simply a case of "No idea" like it is with the tag-team division, because you can argue that those same wrestlers could form some pretty entertaining tag-teams and revamp the hell out of that division ubut WWE yet again choose not to.
  2. Vanilla midgets don't draw?
    Idk, only thing I can think of atm.
  3. They don't need to draw in huge numbers. No one expects that division to be the make or break of the company, but it would make the whole show better and the show draws more than any one superstar does. Imagine all the filler in WWE being replaced with a thriving division. All those names who get paid to sit at the back being used and actually shining on the big stage is a no-brainer.
  4. There isn't one... er, any... There isn't a good answer, plain and simple.

    Vince is just stuck in his old ways that got WCW kicking his ass.
  5. If I had to guess at the logic, I think it's because it's harder to make the transition from cruiserweight champion to WWE Champion. The point being, WWE has seemingly developed a philosophy that the only division worth putting the effort into is the top one, the main events (though I'd argue WWE is hardly putting effort into that, it clearly is and has been their main focus for awhile). Every division has suffered from this, with the midcard champions only getting a storyline developed over them every once and awhile. And even then, some of the times when they are getting stories developed around them, the title won't even be on the line and it will be with someone higher up or with more value to his name. Like the feud between Rhodes & Orton while Rhodes was Intercontinental Champion. The reasoning being that WWE sees all those other divisions more as investments, something that could potentially pay off later in the form of a main eventer or a big/top draw. This reasoning seems to be supported by the fact that WWE often doesn't allocate time to divisions that seem less likely to produce that. Like the Diva's division (duh), tag team divisions (the only time they bother with this is if some already established guy is involved, with few exceptions in the past few years), and even the comedy stuff seems more spread apart than it once was (though it could be that I mostly just read results, but it feels like that). Of course they could get someone that works that but it's not exactly likely. So it's better that they focus their time on something more likely to produce said results on the side like Cesaro. Maybe once they feel comfortable with their current roster status (i.e. having another full-timer not called Cena or Punk in either of your top three Matches at Mania) they'll bring back the cruiserweight division.

    That's what jumps to mind for me anyway. It may not be the case, but it seems plausible considering the source. You can try and argue with it and I'll just agree. It's flawed logic but that doesn't eliminate it as the/[a possible] reason why WWE doesn't think that way. There are other things like jump to mind time management/prioritizing, possibly restricting matches, ineptness, etc.
  6. Even the best cruiserweight divisions don't draw money in America. See: WCW in the mid 90s

    I win the prize.
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  7. Yes I completely agree, one of the things that always makes me wonder.
    It's something that needs to be the done with all the talents WWE has, such division will help the undercard alot, I seriously see that WWE needs the CW title more than they needs the US title.
  8. WWE and logic don't go together. Otherwise what dolph's said. It's about that money.
  9. It's stacked and we have a 3 hour raw? And we can't start up this division? Dropping the ball bigtime on this one
  10. I'd rather an actual pure division, drop the US title and have matches under set rules (limited rope breaks, 20 counts instead of 10 and all matches must end cleanly) it gives you all the positives of the cruiserweight division without limiting the division. Build it around great wrestlers of all sizes (Cesaro, Ohno, Danielson, Kids, Gabriel, Cara. Even drop Punk down to establish it.) it has all the positives of the cruiserweight division without leaving some of the bigger guys out in the cold. Use the IC title only when a guy is established.
  11. A few of the names on that list I have to scratch my head at. Jericho? A guy like him, especially one who has attained legendary status at this point - shouldn't be dropping down and challenging cruiserweights for the cruiserweight title. Kofi doesn't strike me as one when I look at him. Seth Rollins? A guy is part of a menacing group like The Shield and then fights for a lightweight belt? I find it funny you mention Daniel Bryan because so many here and all over the internet just thinks he should be challenging at least for the World Heavyweight Championship, and challenging for a lesser belt like this would only hinder that.

    Overall, I think it comes down to what Mustafar said. The midcard divisions serve a large purpose in that they help build future main eventers and potential draws for the future. The cruiserweight division wouldn't really do that. I would also add on (and I can't remember if I've said this before or if I read it from someone else elsewhere) and say that since guys like Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan have won world titles, that shows that a guy that small in size can win a major title and doesn't have to settle for one connected to his own weight limit. A cruiserweight-sized athlete can win a world title or at least one of the other midcard titles, including the tag team titles if two guys of similar size partner up.
  12. Well, it'd be entertaining, for sure. Maybe they don't do it because it won't benefit them that much financially.
  13. I'm with seabs. Give me a pure division instead.
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  15. perfect use of that smiley
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