Come at me with logic for the jobbing MITB winners.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. Yeah, logic. Not "there is not logic", "#wwelogic" or any other sarcastic stuff. They do this every year and it never amounts to anything, but they keep doing it. Why?

    They did it with Daniel, and Dolph, and now Damien. (Maybe it just sucks when your name starts with D.) They get booked like jobbers for a long time before swooping down like a hawk and winning the belt before not doing anything with it for a few months.

    Hear people mention it's "shock value" that them losing makes the cash-in more unpredictable, but most things are unpredictable because they're stupid. Maybe it's that they think winning the title will make them credible. Maybe they just don't care about the World Title picture. (*Obviously.) Whatever, if you guys know of a good reason, throw it out there!
  2. I think they assume that once the World title gets slapped onto their waists, all the credibility just comes back to the wrestler.
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  3. The WHC briefcase holder is a good person to put others over becasuse he's got the status of being MITB winner, but losing one match doesn't hurt him.
  4. Perhaps to add shock value for the cash in? If a jobber wins cheaply, then it's heat on him. Normally it's a heel holding the case.
  5. It makes no real sense now because they have jobbed them so many times it predictable, It also seems the last few MITB winners have had short reigns, Bryan lost it in 18 seconds at Mania after 3 months, Dolph had it 2 months and lost it and Orton 1 month.
  6. I think they want to make them look bad wrestlers who will take the advantage and get the title easily.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. They do it to fuck with the smarts. It works
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  9. Do paper champions really draw though? If I don't believe in the champion then I'm not interested in the PPV match... well, the WHC match doesn't draw anyway. Ignore that. :dawg:

    Good point with it being a heel tactic. Thing is if it wasn't for it being overdone, this is really great booking for Sandow. Taking away every bit of his credibility before he goes on a several month title reign where he finds new, clever ways to cheaply beat opponents sounds like pure gold. Maybe have him have a ladder match with Bob and have him cut a bunch of promos talk about all the dangerous things that can happen off of ladders and how no self-loving person would ever climb one, then in the match he hooks it with a overly-long kendo stick or messes with the controls to win while avoiding the ladder.

    If anyone can pull it off and keep it interesting, it's Sandow... crap, I'm having expectations again. He'll just keep getting himself DQ'ed in lame ways. :urm:
  10. Honky tonk man?
  11. I'm sure WWE has logic for that... Maybe WWE wants to test them, to see how well they handle loosing on a consistent basis, or maybe they want it to be a surprise when they finally cash-in and become World Champion... None of us know how WWE thinks.
  12. I can usually find some type of logic in most things that WWE does even if those things may seem boneheaded initially (Bryan's eighteen second loss, for example.) Here, I guess it's a matter of knowing that someone in the under card has to job for someone and there's usually a few select guys who end up doing the jobbing more often than others. So they probably figure why not have the MITB winners fill in that role since they're already the holders of the MITB briefcase and (as Queen Chrysalis said) they'll regain whatever bit of credibility they might have lost the instance they cash in. Which is largely true. Just look at Dolph Ziggler. He had a long string of losses (actually has more losses on his record than any other superstar on the roster, sadly enough) but check out the reaction for his cash in. He was still consistently getting such good reactions even before that that he was turned face.

    Plus, a lot of fans have short term memories and even after doing a plethora of useless TV jobs for various people, the thought process is probably that a person (MITB winner or not) can be built back up quite easily. Just have them go on a winning streak for a few weeks or a month or so and fans will buy back into them. (There are exceptions, of course. I wouldn't say a win-loss record NEVER matters.)
  13. I think getting them heel heat sounds about right, to do the HTM reign and such. Also that they suppose they can put everyone over and the guy can get instant credibility back.
  14. I'm coming at you. Like Daniel Bryan I just keep CUMMING AND CUMMING AND CUMMING!
  15. It makes sense for the guys to halfass their matches, you're a dick and you have what history shows a guaranteed title chilling in your hand would you give a 100%? Now onto a none kayfab reason, it builds suspense for the marks.
  16. Damien, Dolph, and DB were all losing before they won the briefcase and after it, so it's not like a drastic change. They won 1 ladder match and imo that's not enough to change a superstar, so that's where the logic lies for me. However, I'm not fond of it at all
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