Come on guys, tidy it up...

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Will people PLEASE search for fucking threads before making a new one.

    We don't need TWO threads for one set of SmackDown results, we don't need FIVE threads with the same spoiler/theory.

    Cut it out and stop being lazy.



    And there are plenty more if you just look.

    I feel we need to be stricter on this, because it's fucking annoying.

    [size=x-small]Sorry for the language but it just pisses me off.[/size]
  2. We're lenient on these rules at the moment because if I'm honest, I appreciate any user who is willing to post content in the wrestling sections.

    Though, if they're duplicate, just report them. Xanth or myself will just merge the threads together.
  3. It's not really that big of a deal imo. Now, if you're double posting the same thread, or similar, then you should recieve a warning, (In PM or post)
  4. Disagree with dishing out warnings. Only do so for flaming. If a user has posted the same thread, it's not worth a warn. That user was just trying to contribute some content to the community, something I really really love seeing members do.
  5. @[Crayo] Xanth warned me for saying a suggestion was Gay... -.-'
  6. No, I mean if you posted a batista update for per say, and you turn around and post the same thread again, That what I mean. Also, by warning, I mean like send them a PM saying something like, "Hey, you posted the same thread twice, be more careful next time", or something like that.
  7. What you said was harsh and that is worth a warning for.

    Offensive language.
  8. Anyway no need to keep this open.