Come up with ideas of how Del rio could use his money

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  1. I've seen this talked about before that Del Rio's wealth should be more of a factor with his character. He's supposed to be rich but he never uses his money apart from those obvious rental cars.


    He really needs to use his money to gain power over other people.

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    like at the end of this weeks smackdown where those guys came down impersonating police officers but it turns out it was a ruse and they attacked sheamus. del rio needs to be able to command people to do this using his money

    I came up with the idea of having a 'money stable' where you could team him up with JBL and Dibiase (perhaps both JR and SR?). what you think?

    come up with your own ideas on how he could use his money!
  2. To bribe referees. Great way for a long heel douche bag champ....

    Always seeming to get the bias calls.... Refs wearing bling....

  3. :yay: i hadn't thought about that. That would be really cool to see
  4. I was also going to say bribing refs. Didn't get to think about refs wearing bling, but it'd be awesome. Imagine Del Rio winning a match after a dubious call by a ref, but that seems like a legit mistake, like a 2.5 count that looks like 3. It starts getting worse, as ref start pretending not to see rope breaks and such, slow counts when someone's pinning ADR and the opposite when Del Rio is pinning someone, until one day a ref is looking at someone's foot on the rope and gives Del Rio the win anyway, which leads to people finding out. And during that we could get backstage segments with refs showing up with expensive stuff and no one figures out where they got the money. Nice.

  5. :sweet: I would love backstage segments with referees.

    There also needs to be some comedy moments, like paying Cole to humiliate himself XD
  6. That'd be great.
  7. Paying the stage guys to put a trap door on the ramp so it opens during his opponents entrance XD
  8. Another very nice way for him to spend his money.
  9. The best way to make Del Rio interesting is to use his money and incorporate into story lines in some way, like Dibiese and JBL did (since his character is supposed to take after them a bit anyway.) Bribing refs is a great idea. Because then, there's always extra tension when you wrestle Del Rio - especially in a big match for a championship or something - knowing he might have bribed the referee to ensure his opponents don't win. This doesn't just include fast counts in the ring, but also doing a fast count out when someone is on the outside, or trying to DQ someone for any little thing.

    I also had this idea about two people who are friends, and Del Rio is feuding with one of them, and pays off the other guy to attack his own friend and try to always help him give an advantage over him. (I think the NWA did a similar angle with the Four Horsemen once, even though my memory is fuzzy.) Another idea is De Rio feuding with a guy who has a Diva for a girlfriend and he pays off the Diva to leave him and come with him instead, as a way of getting to him.
  10. If he does make a stable with them, SR DiBiase should be the manager, and JR should be wrestling. And he could use the money to pay the pyro go to attack his opponent with the pyros, pay off wrestlers to have them attack their opponents, and possibly bribe the board of directors into making a change onto the general manager of Smackdown and hire one of his choice, which will be in favor of Alberto Del Rio.
  11. take it one step further than just bribing the ref's. because sooner or later he will get caught out doing it. What he needs to do is start bribing people high up in the company like HHH and the GMs so when wrestlers start to complain, del rio will pay HHH or the GMs to punish them by putting them in match ups and such. his money will put him above the rules of the company.
  12. It's meant to be a PG show, one where 8 year olds and 60 year olds can watch. They are teaching the 8 year olds to waste money practically and I don't think bribing would be entertaining nor a good lesson for the little kids. If they want to teach a lesson, just donate to charity. Maybe even donate to BE A STAR. Who knows? But there has to be something for everyone and I don't think any bribes or anything would work.

    Then again... (read spoiler for more - DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT RAW SPOILT)
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    Sheamus did steal Alberto's car and that isn't teaching kids a lesson so who knows?
  13. I hardly doubt that bribing being a bad example for kids is not the reason they don't do it. It's OK since he's a heel (who'd probably be buried by Sheamus in the end of some bribing storyline) and there are worse things on screen, such as Sheamus stealing his car as you said.
  14. >Vince making fun of JR's bell posey

    >Cena putting a cripple through a table

    >Chris Jericho drinking in the ring

    >Sheamus hitting referees out of anger
  15. Pay off some other wrestlers to be with him in the Summerslam match as Lumberjacks?
  16. Del Rio is a heel and thus isn't trying to be the best role model for kids so it's perfectly ok. Saying it's teaching kids that bribing is ok is like saying Nash hitting Triple H with a sledgehammer last year is teaching kids that it's ok to whack people with sledgehammers. If it was a babyface doing it, it'd be different.
  17. I'm no expert here, but Alberto doesn't seem like a bad person. He orders his help (Ricardo) around, but that's Ricardo's job isn't it? I appreciate the OP's idea, but somehow even if Alberto started bribing people he may not come across as such a bad person. Some people in this world are scummy and give off an air of creepiness and Alberto isn't one of those people.
  18. He could drive a fancy car into the arena (like a different one every show) for a part of his entrance


    So you agree with my Alberto del Rio face turn movement?
  19. Yes
  20. Do you agree with my turning him face by teaming with Rey movement?
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