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    Making this into a discussion thread even though only I and Dolph's watch it. But hope to get more people on the bandwagon.:idontcare:

    Season 4 Trailer:
    Show Spoiler

    When do you think they'll start airing it. I can't wait. :upset:

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4

    Or 3 seasons are on Netflix.
  2. Community Season 4

    Sympathy reply.
  3. Community Season 4

    Never seen season 1,2 or 3. :hmm:
  4. RE: Community Season 4

    You missing out den.

    Great great television
  5. Community Season 4

    Think I'll D/L season 1 tonight. :otunga:
  6. RE: Community Season 4


    I wish I could watch them for the first time again.
  7. Community Season 4

    Lacky, you watch them yet?
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  9. Britta, get in here.
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  11. I hate you
  12. ily2 :kiss:
  13. :pity1:
  14. Honest to god not that entertained by this show. The episodes I have seen has been pretty meh and I've mostly spent them going "who the hell is willing to work with Chevy Chase now adays?"
  15. If you just watched a couple of random eps I can see why you wouldn't be head over heels in love with it.

    If you start from the beginning and watch all of s1 and still say you don't like it... something is possibly wrong with the part of your brain that handles humor
  16. I am in general for more British style humor ala the original the Office, Eddie Izzard, Monty Python, that stuff.

    I also know that I cannot base an entire opinion on a show based off of a few episodes. If I ever feel the urge to catch up on a new comedy show I might give community a chance. I'm a bit scared off of comedy shows after trying to get into Workaholics - which did give me a few chuckles - but stoner humor/drug jokes just isn't for me in general.
  17. British 'humor' makes me cringe
  18. Taste/geographical thing I think. British humor is pretty popular in Europe, Scandinavia in general. Give me a DVD of John Cleese shows and I will be entertained for about a year.
  19. I think Dolph's was the one who said The Inbetweeners isn't funny. Naturally his opinion doesn't matter any more.

    Show Spoiler
    dw I still find most of the stuff you find funny hilarious as well. ly bbe x
  20. I never watched anything from the In Betweeners besides the few skits you posted, and I found them diabolical lol.

    idk what it is about British comedy but it's just not for me. I've given a few shows and stand ups a try, but just can't dig em

    BUT for Brits: Do you guys love Bill Hicks? He is one of my favorite stand ups from yesteryear and I recently watched a doc. on him and found out he had most of his commercial success in Britain. Apparently you lot found his ranting against Murica to be hilarious
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