Comparison discussion thread, Austin Aries vs CM Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Spawned out of trolling Randy Savage I bring you the first in a hopeful series of comparison threads where we compare TNA and WWE talents. List their cons and pros. First out. CM Punk vs Austin Aries.

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    So we start out strong with the Greatest Man That Ever Lived vs The voice of the Voiceless. The WWE champ vs the TNA heavyweight champ. Discuss people.

    In my opinion:

    Aries has a more fluent ring style than Punk.

    Punk is more marketable for being in the major promotion.

    They are somewhat even on the mic but Aries has the current edge since TNA don't temper him as much as WWE are Punk.

  2. WOW LOL! U give u guy a photo of with the title but not CM Punk yes this is REALLY fair thread? NOT!

  3. Do this fucking seriously dude we are trying to get something going. It is all personal opinion. I do like Aries more than I like Punk but I am being objective.
  4. Aries best ever!
  5. How is it unfair? I picked a pic of Punk that looked good the same as I did with Aries you mong. Be a grown up. Everyone on here knows Punk has the title he doesn't need to show it off.
  6. Put photo Punk with the WWE Title!
  7. Give me a reason he needs a pic of him with the title. To not show Punk with the title does in no way devalue him. Just as pasting a pic of Aries with his does not enhance him.
  8. If you're going to compare them don't bring in restraints. Aries can do more in TNA than Punk can, so let's keep it hypothetical. For example, if both were cut loose with a microphone Punk would tear him Aries apart, anyone saying otherwise is kidding themselves. Both are great in the ring but Aries is much more enjoyable (IMO) to watch and seems to take a lot heavier bumps than Punk. Punk is more marketable than Aries due to his unique look imo. Sure he looks like shit but that's great if given the right gimmick (as we saw at MITB).

    None of them really look intimidating or a threat to anyone else due to their size, Aries is small vertically while Punk is small in build. So to be honest I see them evenly. Who would I rather watch in the ring? Aries. Who would I rather get the big storyline? Punk.
  9. B/c ur showing u guy with the title but not Punk! That being unfair! Change it now!
  10. No one cares about titles here, just compare them Randy. Titles mean nothing.
  11. Without the restraints Punk would rip Aries a new one on the mic since Punk is much more fluent on the mic and has a better voice for cutting promos I'll give you that.

    Aries is much more smooth to see in the ring that I will stick by. He does take more big bumps than Punk as well.

    Punk is more suited for a bigger storyline I'll give you that but hopefully Aries and Roode can prove us wrong.

    Punk is the more marketable one with his look I'll give you that as well. But Aries has that underdog look that he could sell well given the right story and opponent.

    And you have another point Crayo in that neither guy looks that intimidating vs anyone since they are both smaller guys. Heck the only one I could see Aries bully is Rey Myserio but I don't see Punk as intimidating at all I just see a small dude with tattoos rocking the General Zod look.

    They are pretty even but when it comes to personal preference I am going with Aries. He just clicks better with me.
  12. Oh but that do! I mean that TNA TITLE MEAN SHIT! Aless when WCW win out of buildness at that time the World Title Ashley mead something! Were that TNA Title mean SHIT! Some get Trash Can for junk!


  13. Randy, the images are in no way part of the discussion. They are there to indicate which two wrestlers we are discussing. And honestly. Punk has had a 200+ days title reign. Everyone on here knows who CM Punk is. They see his face and go "Oh WWE champ CM Punk". Whilst all might not be as interested in TNA and thus need more of an indicator of who Austin Aries is.

    Just do as the thread says and compare them please. Don't make me close this thread because you can't get over something as childish as image. This is a thread project I want to see succeed so we can do more of them.

    Just act your age and get over the pictures.
  14. In ring.

    Punk has the better psychology, he understands how to string the moves together into more than a match. He makes it an after form, even with a poor performance he sells it with his facials and body movements better than A double. However Austin's moveset even when Punk was less restricted is still better, as is his execution. Aries can also carry very bad performers to a higher standard of match, with his crazy selling plus he isn't as sloppy or as at time, lazy.

    In ring : A double.

    On the mic.

    Punk has a much sharper wit, and is capable of producing much larger peaks, however Aries is much more consistent. Aries has a better understanding of how to tone a promo and tends to speak much clearer whilst Punk sometimes crashes into his own words, tripping himself up. However I still perform Punk's delivery, knowing we could get something incredible, whilst with Austin you know you're going to get good to great but never the standard of what Punk could do.

    On the Mic - Punker.

    The look.

    Aries currently is in great shape, plus his look could sell out arenas as the underdog. The only thing he's lacking is how short he is, coming in at a billed 5 foot 8. Punk is billed at 6"2 so let's speculate he's 5"11 / 6" this makes a big difference to someone looking legit to the casuals, wrestling isn't the land of the giants as such but it's still in the back of everyones mind that the big guy has the advantage. Punk also has the everyday man look, which helps connect to an audience, in a hey this guy could be one of us. However Aries looks like an athlete.

    The look : It's a difficult one but Austin has the best of the two.


    I love both guys and have for a while but I'm saying A double just, both have one what I class as a fundamental, whilst the look is not important to me it is to some. I haven't gone into drawing power as I hold so little interest in it.

  15. I pretty much agree with all of this. Atm I'm going with Aries too, but if both were unlimited and unrestricted I'd definitely prefer Punk in the big storyline. Everything you've put there is spot on. I'm a big fan of Aries' move set, he's good on the mic too but he's no Punk. Both of their looks aren't going to draw in millions, but Aries has the underdog look amd Punk has the badass look - typically the badass will draw in more imo.
  16. I'll be Switzerland and be neutral in this case. With that, and me being newer to TNA as of late, my "comparison" will pretty much suck, but I'm going to choose to participate anyway. Mostly just because I would like to see threads such as this succeed. So, feel free to skim past mine, but without further ado, here I go....

    I really like both Aries and Punk, and I like them almost equally. I do have more of a preference towards Punk because of being more familiar with him and liking what I see / hear of him outside the ring, as well, but that gets into the non-wrestling aspect of things.

    On the mic, I think Punk definitely takes the lead. I enjoy listening to Aries, and he does have some great mic moments, but for me he still can't quite compare with Punk. Inside the ring, I enjoy watching both of them, but I would say Aries has an edge on Punk, based on what I have seen lately. As far as their looks go.... that's not something important to me when thinking comparisons / skills, but I know some fans are still of the mindset that you have to be big and muscular to be considered a good wrestler. This is actually one of the things I have always liked about Punk, as far as breaking the mold. I'm not a fan of the huge muscular / bodybuilder look. I prefer the underdog, smaller build, slightly muscular, "I can still kick your ass." look. :emoji_wink: Punk is taller than Aries, so he would come across as looking a bit tougher, I would think. As a chick, I think they're both kind of hot, but really, to me at least, Punk is hotter. (Just a sidenote as a female fan making comments, not taking that into account with their skills.) So of course in that light I also would somewhat enjoy watching Punk more.

    So, there ya go ... For me, Punk has a slight edge, in part because of familiarity since I've watched WWE longer than I have TNA, but I'm really pretty neutral and like them almost equally.


    ....I've got to admit, on last week's SmackDown when for a brief time Punk, Cole and Bryan were all three in the ring together -- I loved seeing how Punk looked even better by comparison and made Bryan and Cole look that much worse when you had all three in the ring at one time. lol Punk's my kind of guy, so I think he's pretty good looking anyway, but seeing the three of them in a ring made comparisons easy, and made him look that much better imo, strictly from the eye candy standpoint. :emoji_wink:
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  17. Real HQ post -- liked.
  18. Aww, thanks. :jericho:
    Today is a good forum day for me. :emoji_wink:
  19. My bad, thought you're comparing Stone Cold to Plunk.:haha:

    Still though, Aries can kick Punk's ass in almost every aspect imo.
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