Competition: Chance to become Superstar for free.

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  1. How do I win?

    All you have to do is refer at least 5 members to the site, all of which have to post at least 10 times. So your best bet is to find some other WWE fans. I don't mind how you do it, all I care about is that you referred them. You can find your referral link in your User CP area.

    For every 5 referrals you get (with 10 posts at least) you earn Superstar membership, so if you get 10 referrals, you can give Superstar membership to someone else :emoji_slight_smile:. If you get a lot, and really really help this site with activity then you have a chance to win cash.

    Also, you receive the referral award after 5 awards. Check my post_bit to see it :emoji_slight_smile:.

    What if I'm already Superstar?

    If you're already Superstar, then every 5 referrals you get to upgrade some other member of your choice to join you. If that isn't enough for you, we always look into these competitions to see who tries there ebst to help the site, eventually when we get more members we'll be needing Moderators. These sort of acts (referrals) are the best way to become a Moderator.

    This competition starts now. Good luck to you all, as I said before I don't mind how you get the referrals as long as you reach the required amount :emoji_slight_smile:.

  2. If only I knew people who liked wrestling :emoji_slight_frown:

    Do I get an upgrade free from you seen as I'm one of your referee's? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: :emoji_wink:
  3. Referrals - Directly. On your profile it will say how many you have.

    You could always add your referral link under the official site link in your YT descriptions. There's other ways of doing it too on various other sites, don't necessarily need to know anyone. xD
  4. Put the link in your youtube videos you'll get loads of refferees in no time.
  5. What if I choose to upgrade myself?
  6. Double Superstar.
  7. SO I GET 2 USERBARS?!?!
  8. Nah your gal Vickie Guerrero gets one too.
  9. awesome competition. I might know a few fans wanting to come on, hope so anyway.
  10. This is still going. @[RKO] upgraded using this method, I'm sure he'll share his method with you all.
  11. Nahhh I'm mean xD

    Basically all I did was hold a competition on another forum, offering a prize. Took me maybe 4-5 hours to get 5 referrals? It works out quite well. You all should try it if you feel dedicated enough. Plus, you earn more respect on the forum in which you held the competition. Win win. :smile:
  12. What the F*ck? I did not know about this. 3:16
  13. Time to make 5 accounts and post.
  14. Okay I'm doing this 2 ways.

    1. HF contest
    2. FB Spam
  15. Awesome!

    Please advise all contest participators though to not just spam the Locker room.
  16. Should I still try for this since I'm not a WWE superstar anymore?
  17. Of course :wink:
  18. Since I was the first member to do it, I should get something called an RKO Award :emoji_wink:
  19. Lmao or the typical referral award which you have :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: