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  1. Right, I promised you information (in detail) about the points structure.

    If you go here, you will see how much points you get for each post/thread/referral etc:

    However we have added some custom rules. Posts in The Ramp, Locker Room, Questions & Feedback and Announcements will only give you 0.10 points per post where all other sections give you 0.5.

    You can see the leader board here:

    The deadline day is Monday 19th March, right after RAW finishes. The user with the most points will win. Spammers will of course be dealt with, so don't try and abuse the system. Mike can not win either, he's irrelevant.

    This gives a big advantage to those who take part in discussion threads, since you'll garner a lot of replies in the most valuable section(s) (wrestling sections).

    The prize: Legend membership, if you're not eligible you will get superstar membership. If you're already a Legend (or a Superstar, but not eligible for legend) then you will win the competition award.

    Points can be seen on the left hand side <-----
  3. 19th of Feburary, wow, almost an entire year to accumulate as many points as possible. WooHoo!
  4. Quoting it for the fail. :taker:
  5. I hate you all. Changed.
  6. Per Referral 5.00

    da fuck. 141 X 5 = 705.

    my points.[​IMG]
  7. out of curiosity, how did you refer 141 people in 4 months?
  8. YouTube ^
  9. 4 months? You mean 1 week. First day around 30 referrals, second day around 40 and it started to slow down.
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  10. Thought I'd tell you all - Staff+ aren't apart of this contest (unless seabs rages at me and wants to but I have a feeling he won't). So it's the top user who is not Staff or above who gets the prize.
  11. [​IMG]

    I want the ninja!! Also say if I did win would the 2nd person get the upgrade or what?
  12. Haha, fine. :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Does the upgrade get knocked down to the next person if an upgraded person wins?
  14. Probably not. Should be one winner only.
  15. It's kind of not fair though imo. Especially since we're in the competition as well. Doing it as the top rated non legend / staff seems the fairest to me as we can't gain the upgrade anyway.
  16. I'll make it so if the top rated user is legend/staff they get the competition award, and the top non-upgraded user wins the upgrade. If a non upgraded member or Superstar win outright, they get both.
  17. so i can win legend
  18. I think you move up to the next user group so you'd get superstar.
  19. Great idea for the contest, I'll be sure to participate :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also, do you plan on using NewPoints for anything after this? @[Crayo]
  20. Not really - only for other competitions. In time I'll be looking to incorporate a different ranking/reward system, newpoints doesn't cut it for me. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
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