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  1. Do not read if you don't want to be spoiled I guess.

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    Psycho Mike Rollins vs. Dougie Wayne.
    Rollins had a good look. I may have mis-heard Wayne's name. They locked up and Rollins forced him into the corner and cinched in a aide headlock. He controlled the match early. Wayne fought back but was caught with a series of chops in the corner.
    Rollins continued to control Wayne, who kicked up from several pinfall attempts. Wayne finally came back with some offense but was caught with a big boot. Wayne came back with several leg lariats and a dropkick. He elbowed Rollins in the back of the head and nailed a t-bone suplex for a two count.
    Rollins came back with a running fisherman's buster and cinched Wayne's legs for a package style pinfall
    Your winner, Psycho Mike Rollins!
    Good solid match. Rollins showed a lot of potential and Wayne had a solid showing as well.
    There was a tag match as well with Anthony Silver & GA West beating Blade Michaels & another competitor who's name I didn't catch. I was setting up but from what I saw, they were all busting their asses and it was a good tag.
    DGUSA went on the air with Bushido 2013. Rich Swann came to the ring singing Lionel Richie's "All Night Long." He got the audience to sing along. He asked Queens what was going on. The crowd chanted his name. He said he's been waiting for this day for a long time. He said he's been in Japan working hard and busting his ass, but the only thing that has been on his mind is Johnny Gargano.
    Swann said that Gargano proved that he doesn't have the heart to be champion at Wrestlecon and now Swann doesn't want to wrestle him, he wants to fight him.
    A referee came out and said Gargano claims that he hasn't properly warmed up or stretched, so under no circumstances will the match take place right now.
    Swann said that he's known Gargano for a long time but never knew was a p*sssy. He walked out.
    Uhaa Nation vs. Jigsaw
    Nation used his power early to control Jigsaw. Jigsaw tried to use his speed to evade him but was nailed with a dropkick. Jigsaw tried to use a chop but it had no effect. Jigsaw nailed him with another and then hit a big dropkick, sending Nation to the floor. He went for a dive but was caught and ran into the ringpost.
    Nation brought him back in the ring and worked over Jigsaw, who tried to fight back but was cut off. Nation nailed a big elbow for a two count. Jigsaw tried to nailed a high cross bodyblock but was caught and slammed down for a two count. They battled to a corner where Jigsaw came off the top with a leaping rana that sent Nation to the floor, then hit a tope to the outside. The crowd chanted "Jigsaw".
    Jigsaw went to the top and came off with a double stomp to Nation's back and then a kick to the head for a two count. Jigsaw began wearing him down with a series of elbows. He rebounded off the ropes for a rana but was caught and powerbombed down several times. Jigsaw kicked out at the last second. The crowd chanted for him.
    Nation continued working over Jigsaw. He went for another powerbomb but was rolled up for a two count. He pressed and dropped Jigsaw, then hit a pair of standing moonsault pressed for a three count.
    Your winner, Uhaa Nation!
    Really good opener!
    Six Way Freestyle: Caleb Konley vs. Derek Ryze vs. Drew Gulak vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Scott Reed w/ Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels vs. Shane Strickland
    Reed and Strickland started out. Konley tagged himself in to get at his former partner, Reed. They circled the ring but Reed ran to the floor. Ryze entered the ring to take his place instead. Konley worked over his arm early. Konley shoulderblocked him down. Ryze came back with a twisting takeover. Konley was sent to the floor. Reed nailed Ryze but Stirckland nailed him with a dropkick.
    Cassidy got into the ring and offered Strickland a handshake but kicked him instead. He nailed a series of chops. Strickland used several springboard moves to keep Cassidy off-balance. Gulak tagged in and drilled Strickland in the corner and rudely slammed him for a two count.
    Gulak shoulderblocked Ryze down and used a headlock takedown to keep him there. Gulak and Cassidy teamed up to work Konley over. They went into a series of insane dives, Gulak went for one but Reed killed him with a kick off the top. Reed set up for one but Konley grabbed him and began working over his former partner. Reed went for an inverted DDT but Konley turned that into a Northern Light suplex with a bridge for a two count.
    Cassidy nailed Strickland as he returned to the ring and put on the Crush squeeze the head finisher. Strickland kicked him in the head. Gulak rolled him up for a two count. Reed speared Gulak and placed him on the top. Cassidy saved Gulak, using a neckbreaker off the ropes on Reed. Gulak came off with a big elbow for a two count.
    Cassidy and Drew turned their attention to Konley, working him over. Gulak used a chokenstein on Konley for a two count. Ryze returned to the ring with a series of kicks but was wiped out by Strickland. He spiked Ryze with a big DDT for a two count but it was broken up. Konley returned to the fray but was nailed with a big boot. He fired back with one of his own and nailed a DVDR on Ryzer, who was leaping off the top for a two count.
    The crowd loved this and began chanting, "Everyone."
    Konley drilled Strickland with an awesome reversal and locked in a Texas Cloverleaf. Larry Dallas distracted the referee and Reed kicked him low from behind. Reed wiped out Strickland and scored the pin.
    Your winner, Scott Reed!
    Really great six way. They used it as a way to really spotlight Konley and he got over with the NYC audience, even the portion you could tell weren't familiar with him. Gulak and Strickland looked strong as well but everyone worked hard and the crowd loved this.
    After the match, Gulak was checking on Orange. Jon Davis hit the ring and destroyed them to a huge pop.

    Davis called for Chuck Taylor, who hit the ring and they began brawling.
    Bunkhouse Match: Jon Davis vs. Chuck Taylor.
    They were both dressed in jeans and t-shirts like an old Crockett Bunkhouse bout. They brawled in the ring. Davis went to the floor looking for something. He returned and caught Taylor going for a move and drove him down into the ring with a big slam.
    Taylor grabbed a bottle of water and used the sealed bottle on Davis' eye. Davis made a comeback. The crowd chanted for Davis to use his belt but instead he grabbed the referee and used him to drill Taylor while nailing a Giant Swing on the referee. The crowd went nuts for that.
    Davis grabbed a road sign but Taylor dropkicked him through the ropes into it, then nailed a big tope con hilo to the floor. Taylor took a broken piece of wood and ripped at Davis' face. He then stuck a plunger in his face.
    Davis was nailed with the road sign in the back and then Taylor tried to DDT him on it. They battled to the floor, where they ripped at each other with weapons. Davis got into the ring and went to pull Taylor in but was nailed in the head with a big metal pot.
    Taylor sent Davis into the first row and dove off the apron into the crowd on him. Taylor dragged him back into the ring. Davis made a comeback and drove the wooden stake of the plunger into Taylor's face with the metal pan. He followed that up with a big Bootscrape in the corner.
    Davis wrapped a belt around his first and went to nail Taylor, who drilled him and got the belt. He began lashing Davis with it. Davis began chopping Taylor back as he lashed him. Taylor began choking him with the belt and nailed a cutter for a two count.
    Taylor sent Davis into the corner and nailed a big clothesline. Davis reversed a whip and drilled Taylor, then nailed a big boot sending him to the outside. Davs hit a big powerslam off the ropes for a two count. The crowd thought that was the finish.
    Davos charged him with the belt but was kicked and nailed with an Uranage. Taylor hit a moonsault for a two count. He locked in a submission. Davis fought back but was nailed as he was on the ropes. He locked in a Tazmission and Davis tapped.
    Your winner, Chuck Taylor!
    Awesome brawl. Best Davis showing to date. The atmosphere in the building is just awesome.
    DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate champion Johnny Gargano came out, He said that after 600 days, the conquering champion has returned. Gargano said he wasn't an opening match guy and has unnaturally tight hamstrings so he needed time to get ready. He challenged Rich Swann to come out now.
    Swann hit the ring and Gargano went to the floor. He told Swann that he needs to calm down and said Swann is his best friend. He said he really cares about him. He said the people don't want to see them fight and said that as the voice of the people, he knows they don't want to see violence. You can imagine the NYC reaction to that! He said they were here to show off the best wrestling on the planet and said they can have a 4 star mat wrestling classic. He said that if Swann can handle his end of the bargain, they can even do five stars. He said that he himself can do four stars and Swann is worth one. He said there will be no fighting and they will have a great professional wrestling match. Gargano was great here.
    DGUSA Open the Freedom champ Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann
    This is a non-title bout. Gargano offered a shajke of the hand. Swann took it and pulled him into a headlock takedown, then scissored his head and worked over the champ.
    Swann controlled Gargano with an arm wringer, then locked on a cravate. Gargano reversed it and locked on a front facelock, taking Swann to the mat. They went back and forth and Swann sent Gargano to the outside, then faked him out with a dive attempt.
    Gargano circled the ring wary about getting back in. Gargano nailed a shoulderblock on the apron and sunset flipped his way into the ring. Swann avoided it and kicked Gargano. He sent him into the ropes for a rana but was caught and powerbombed down rudely. Gargano backed him in the corner and peppered him with punches. Gargano mouthed off to the crowd and was caught with a series of chops by Swann.
    Gargano took control and began working on Swann's arms, trying to snap his fingers. He worked over Swann's back on the mat. Swann made a comeback and they collided in the mid-air as they both went for bodypresses.
    Gargano went to go off the ropes but was caught with a kick to the face and a rana off the top. He went to the floor and was nailed by a big Swann dive. Swann worked him over on the floor. Back in the ring, Gargano nailed an elbow coming out of a Swann. The fans began singing and chanting "All Night Long" for Swann.
    Swann went to the top but missed a flying splash. Gargano grabbed him for an over the shoulder powerslam but Swann slipped out behind him. They nailed a series of reversals in the corner until Gargano caught him and sent Swann facefirst into the buckles like a lawn dart for a two count.
    Gargano and Swann battled back and forth with strikes and chops. Gaegano nailed a series of forearms but was caught with a kick to the face. Swann nailed a series of striking kicks before nailing a spinning kick that brought the house down. The crowd chanted, "Dragon Gate."
    They continued going back and forth with insane sequences and strikes. Swann nailed a tornado DDT for a two count. Swann used a package driver for a two count. Swann fought off Gargano and nailed an awesome frog splash off the top for a two count.
    Swann charged Gargano who hid behind the referee. He shoved the ref into Swann and then locked the Crossface on Swann. The referee called for the bell, seeing Swann was out.
    Your winner, Johnny Gargano!
    Awesome match. The finish was a little weak but man the workrate here was off the charts. I can see why they did the finish - to get over Gargano as a piece of garbage but the bout was so good, it's like shining a trophy without any polish when they book things that way.
    Still, a great card so far.

    EITA vs. Trent Baretta
    The crowd was really on Baretta early. They had some nice back and forth wrestling. Baretta was nailed with a stiff kick, EITA went for a move over the top but was caught and powerbombed hard on the apron. Baretta returned to the ring as EITA recovered. He made his way to the apron, where Baretta drilled him with a knee and a back suplex for a two count.
    Baretta continued control of the match with a big overhead suplex for a two count, then locked in a chinlock. EITA fought back and went for a dropkick after sending Baretta into the ropes but Trent held on. EITA finally made a comeback with a big missile style dropkick and an insane tope con hilo dive into the aisle. The crowd chanted, 'Holy sh**."
    EITA tossed Baretta back in the ring and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. EITA set up for a charge in the corner but Baretta moved and drove him into the buckles, then hit a German suplex for a two count. Baretta went for a running knee but it was avoided and EITA picked him up and drove him to the mat with a reverse Gori Guerrero Especial as the set-up.
    EITA worked over Baretta on the apron but Baretta avoided a shoulderblock and nailed a guillotine legdrop through the ropes. He then hit an awesome dive over the top to the floor. Baretta brought him back into the ring and nailed an awesome charging, leaping elbow.
    EITA came back with a dropkick to the face and an atomic drop. He draped Baretta on the top rope and walked the ropes into a rana into the ring for a two count. Baretta cut him off and nailed a Kryptonite Krunch for the three count.
    Your winner, Trent Baretta!
    Another dynamite bout.

    Tony Nese with Mr. A vs. Akira Tozawa with Christina Von Eerie
    Big chant for Tozawa when he came out. They had some really nice back and forth mat wrestling early on. Tozawa was able to bring him to the mat and scissor him but Nese reversed. Tozawa was above to reverse it again. Nese was able to pull himself out and they faced off.
    Tozawa worked him over with forearms and rebounded off the ropes for a charge but Nese took his feet out from under him. He worked over Tozawa and they exchanged chops. Nese caught him with a pumphandle into a powerbomb for a two count.
    Nese stomped Tozawa in the corner and on the apron outside. Tozawa rolled back in the ring but Nese continued controlling him with several legdrops and scoring several near falls. Nese dropped another big legdrop for a two count. Tozawa made a comeback and nailed a big dive to the outside. he went for another but was kicked by Nese. He fought Nese off and then hit the big dive.
    Tozawa brought him back into the ring for a two count. Tozawa chopped the hell out of Nese in the corner, then beat him with a hard slap. He went for a suplex but Nese fired back with a chop. Nese charged him and nailed Tozawa, then hit a big suplex.
    Nese drilled him with a running boot to the face. Tozawa went to the outside. Nese nailed his reverse flip dive to the floor. Nese and Tozawa battled on the floor. Nese got the better of the exchange, then hit a flying headbutt off the ropes for a two count.
    Nese charged but was cut off. Tozawa went for a tornado DDT but Nese powered him back into the corner and drove him down with a superlex. Tozawa cut him off with a running knee and nailed a brainbuster. The crowd sang "Ole Ole" in honor on El Generico.
    Nese punches Tozawa, who just smiled and slapped him back. They battled back and forth. They went back and forth with some insane clotheslines and kicks until both were out on the mat, spent and exhausted. The crowd gave them a standing ovation and chanted, "This is awesome."
    Tozawa nailed a big German suplex for a two count. He went for another move but Nese rolled him off and caught him with a lifting powerbomb into the corner for a two count. Nese nailed a diving knee in the corner. Nese killed him with an awesome 450 splash and scored the pin.
    Your winner, Tony Nese!
    Christina Von Eerie got in Nese's face after but another woman attacked her. Nese announced her as Su Young, the newest member of his brand. She worked over CVE and then Mr. A (dressed similar to Big Bubba Rogers) came off the top with a big splash on Von Eerie.
    Another great match. They are building Nese to be a real player here. Tozawa is absolutely amazing.

    Gate to Heaven Match: Young Bucks & Ricochet vs. CIMA & AR Fox & Tomahawk TT
    The winning team gets to pick any matches they want for the future.
    The first fall will see tags strictly enforced by two referees.
    Nick Jackson and CIMA started off. CIMA backed him into the corner but there was a clean break. CIMA and Jackson went back and forth until CIMA trapped him and tied him up in a submission. Nick escaped and tagged his brother, Matt.
    Tomahawk tagged in and Jackson controlled him early using the hair. Matt was shoulderblocked down several times and was frustrated with the larger TT. AR Fox and Ricochet tagged in. The crowd chanted for Fox.
    Fox tagged Ricochet with a kick and they went back and forth with some really fast reversals. Fox caught him with a kick to the face and drove him into the corner with shoulderblocks. CIMA tagged in and used some unique mat wrestling to tie up Ricochet. TT tagged in and came in with a flying axehandle off the top on Ricochet's arm.
    Nick Jackson was able to tag in and he and Ricochet stomped the hell out of TT. Jackson snapmared him over and then stomped his face. Jackson brought TT into their corner and they all worked him over. Ricochet tagged in and used the ropes to springboard him down, driving his knees into TT.
    He locked TT in a sideways Torture Rack, then smacked his head into the buckles several times before driving him down for a two count. He began drilling him with kicks and strikes to the head. AR Fox tried to help but the referee stopped him. That allowed the Bucks and Ricochet to triple team TT in the corner.
    Matt Jackson teased a big move but instead just raked TT's back. He drove a sledgehammer into TT's back and brought him back into the corner. Ricochet worked over TT, who finally mounted a comeback and tossed him with a big suplex. He made the hot tag to CIMA, who cleand house on Matt Jackson and drove him down with a double stomp.
    Nick Jackson hit the ring but was tossed for a suplex. Fox and Ricochet battled back and forth with some amazing action. Fox finally caught him with a bulldog, then hit a springboard into a backwards flip on the Bucks outside. The fans chanted for Fox. Fox went to cover Ricochet but the ref was making his partners go back to their corner.
    The Bucks lowblowed Fox and drilled him with some of their offense. They pinned Fox.
    Winner of Fall One: Bucks & Ricochet.
    The second fall is all DG rules, so no tags needed.
    CIMA and TT worked over Matt Jackson, trying to force a submission, Nick and Ricochet worked over TT and then turned their attention to Fox. Fox nailed a slice bread #2 on Jackson. Nick cut off CIMA but was caught and drilled down. Fox came off the top with a big splash for a two count.
    Fox and Jackson battled in the ring as everyone else fought on the outside. The Bucks worked over Fox and killed him with a double spike piledriver, but the pinfall was broken up. Ricochet and TT battled into the ring and fought back and forth.
    Ricochet missed a charge in the corner and was chopped hard by TT, who unloaded with some stiff offense. He covered Ricochet for a two count. CIMA went to help with a superkick but nailed his own partner. The Bucks and Ricochet killed TT with a series of kicks.
    Ricochet drilled Fox in the corner. He sent him into the corner but Fox went over the top to the apron. They battled in the corner. Ricochet went for a springboard move but Fox leapt into the air and caught him and turned it into the Spanish Fly. That was freaking amazing.
    Team CIMA truiple teamed Matt Jackson, killing him with a series of moves. TT nailed a big powerbomb but Nick drilled him with a superkick. CIMA rolled him up and then forced him into a leg submission Nick submitted.
    The winners of Fall 2 - AR Fox & CIMA & Tomahawk TT.
    Fall Three is TLC.
    The crowd chanted "This is awesome."
    A ladder was immediately brought into play as everyone went nuts brawling. Fox hit a flip off the apron on everyone. The ladder was brought into the ring.
    CIMA set up a ladder in front of Matt Jackson and drove it into his groin. Ricochet worked over CIMA. Fox stood the ladder up outside, went to the top and hit a legdrop off of it on someone that was set up on the apron. That was insane.
    Fox brought the ladder into the ring. Fox slid through it to nail someone on the outside. Nick Jackson and TT battled atop the ladder. Ricochet hit an INSANE DIVE through the ladder to the outside. The match is freaking nuts.
    Everyone brawled. A table was set up outside. CIMA set up the Bucks to send them off the apron through it but was caught with a cutter by Ricochet. Everyone went nuts with strikes and dives. Nick Jackson hit a splash off the top through the table at ringside. The crowd chanted "Young Bucks."
    They brought Fox back into the ring for a two count. Matt Jackson told his partners to set up another table. They placed TT on it and set up the ladder near it. CIMA fought them off and sent Nick Jackson off the ladder into a crotch spot on the railing. OUCH. Ricochet went to the ladder's peak but was shoved into the ring, crotching himself on the top as he crashed.
    Fox went to the top of the ladder and hit a swanton through the table on someone. The crowd chanted, "Holy sh**." Ricochet and CIMA battled in the ring. The Bucks entered the fray and hit all their patented offense. Ricochet nailed a big dive and scored the pin.
    Your winners, The Young Bucks & Ricochet!
    Just an awesome, tear the house down main event.
    This may have been the best top to bottom DGUSA show I've ever seen.
    Ricochet cut a promo after saying that there will be a time where he wins a chanmpionship after his showing tonight. The Bucks turned on him and drilled him a superkick. Rich Swann made the save and said they were going to take the Tag belts home to DGUSA tomorrow. He said the issues with Johnny Gargano will be addressed and then asked the crowd if they liked the show. He led the fans in a "Dragon Gate" chant to close the show.

    This card sounds like a great show. And there doesn't seem to be any IPPV problems. I hope DGUSA really does settle down in the New York Area and builds a homebase and a loyal fanbase. Will look forward to this one.
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