Complete Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500 Wrestlers List For 2012 Released.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lacky, Aug 24, 2012.

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    * To see the other 450. Click 'Source'


    @[Seabs] Kevin Steen at 20? Thoughts.
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  2. Surprised Christian is no 15
  3. I'm surprised Tensai is at 45.
  4. I'm surprised to see The Miz at 49 and AJ Styles at 28. Most of all, Mr. Anderson above them at 27. :pity:
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  5. This list is a joke. They have Jessie Godderz at #442. Really the dude from Big Brother US makes it in to the Top 500?
  6. The Big O (Zack Ryder's friend) also makes the list near the bottom somewhere.
  7. Randy orton @ 14 is good. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  8. John Cena #3.
    Austin Aries #13.

    *Shakes head and walks away*
  9. As relevant as the Power 25. :haha:
  10. O_O :annoyed:
  11. He does actually wrestle though, he does a fantastic powerbomb.
  12. PWI is based on Win/Loss
    Stop complaining Faggots.
  13. Bullshit, just by wrestlers they like. Otherwise Henry wouldn't be top 10.
  14. Tensai is at 45. because of beating cena and punk alone.
    His loss record is bad tbh
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