Complete SmackDown spoilers 20th April (LONDON)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Why would they introduce Titus O'neil, Darren Young and Percy Watson when they have Dereck Bateman on NXT?

    ME looks like a pile of shit, Big Show losing dirty is equally as annoying as him winning clean, Randy Orton talking = Zzzz. I think DB is the only thing I'll actually watch tbh, and Ryback.
  2. Claudio is going to be a star, an absolute star.
  3. Lol. Ryback squashing local wrestlers is much worse than Clay's three-second squash matches.

    I agree with you, I want Bateman on the main roster dammit, and on a side note, SD this week is so much worse than any other.
  4. Glad Claudios coming to SD but why debut Titus and Percy and leave Derrick on NXT? Derrick is Years better than Percy.
  5. Who is "Claudio Castagnoli"?
  6. King of wrestling.
  7. ???? Video of him?
  8. [yt][/yt]


  9. Man he sucks at talking. I hope his wrestling skills carry him.
  10. I can see the Swiss accent pissing a lot of people off tbh, you know how hostile american crowds can be to arrogant foreign heels.

    Plus the swiss death is a sick finisher and original finisher.

  11. Nah, if that's the case ADR would get over. I just see it boring people, but I hope his in ring work is what gets him over - like Hardy and Benoit.

    As long as he can keep his moveset he'll be fine. Looking forward to it.
  12. Typo, Crayo, Percy wasn't there, it was Darren.

    This show looks like garbage. Again.
  13. Even worse, Darren is so bad.
  14. Darren Young? He's the Cena look a like isn't he?
  15. Just saw the Dark Match results and started to cry.
    Percy has some intriguing athletic ability, seems to have a good personality, just a lot of potential to get over imo.

    Here are the good things about Darren Young:
  16. That show made me feel suicidal.
  17. Going to YT the segments that sound good then skip another episode of SmackDown. Jesus it's getting so bad.
  18. Bryan AJ segment was decent enough, Punk/Jericho amazing promo and Regal and Cesaro appearing for 20 seconds are the only things worth watching. Absolute shit.
  19. I'm usually pretty positive about feedback on the shows, like to focus on the good things. But that SmackDown really was garbage, hopefully 3 hours of Raw tomorrow makes up for it.
  20. 3 hours of potential torture - but hey, stay positive :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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