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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Donald Trump, Feb 3, 2016.

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  1. Does anyone PC game? I have Qs on it.
  2. Hello. Do you buy your PC games, or torrent them?
  3. I buy from Steam. Usually only buy indie games or those on sale, not into the $60 AAA titles.
  4. How is buying a $1200 Gaming PC compared to buying $400 PS4 long-term?

    One of the main reasons I wanna switch to PC gaming is so I don't have to buy a new system every four years. Four years from now, PS5 will come out, and PS4 will eventually become useless.
  5. You don't need a $1200 gaming PC to play at a better quality than a PS4, $600 is good enough. $1200 will be a kick-ass PC though.
  6. I can get a list of parts together for whatever price you need if you like, just let me know what games you expect to play and other things the PC will be used for.
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  7. I console game for the exclusives, TLOU was one of the best games in the past ten years easy. And Horizon looks pretty cool.

    Most PC gamers I know play MOBAs, something I'll never subject myself to.
  8. I do.

    PES, NBA, Mafia, Mafia II, and CoD series are my faves.
  9. Okay. Thank you. Here's what I need.

    1) A big enough tower, so that I can expand, add/replace parts, without replacing whole computer.

    2) I want to play AAA titles. GTA 5, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V, Mad Max, Fifa '16. etc.

    3) I also want to download large torrents, and surf the web.

    The most important parts are Graphics Card, motherboard, and Processor, of course.
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  10. I can probably get it a little cheaper, do you need a monitor?
  11. No. I plan on using my TV as a monitor by plugging computer into TV with HDMI cable.
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  12. I do this now, only thing is you'll have to stick to a certain Resolution depending on screen. Mine isn't as good with it stretched to all over the screen, So I'm gonna have to get a monitor but It's quite handy.
  13. Also

  14. What games do you play?
  15. Mainly TTT on Gmod, Gonna be on XCOM 2 for whenever and I play any games I happen to pick up e.g Valkarya Chronicles.
  16. Do you play AAA games? Like GTA 5 or Fallout 4?
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