Concern over lack of Spike deal?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Apr 23, 2014.

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  1. I read somewhere that the TV deal is basically the only thing keeping TNA afloat. But Spike isn't a big channel and Impact has a solid, consistent viewership, so I think they will agree a new contract.
  2. Yeah, iirc Impact was doing relatively good ratings and they haven't dropped significantly or anything, so I guess they'll renew.
  3. It'd be nice for me personally if the jump ship to a more available network.

  4. They dropped one third of their viewers last week.

    TNA always do worse in the ratings once MLB and football/sports kick up. So this comes at a bad time. Especially with Spike also courting smackdown.
  5. The ratings are normally roller-coaster anyway, right? Idk, I feel like the average has kinda been stable. But you may be right, I'll admit I'm not paying a lot of attention to ratings lol.
  6. I'm waiting on BLFFL now to give her "Close the doors Dixie" shtick, but until then....

    A shame really if TNA lose out on Spike, even worse is that Spike is a shoddy channel in the first place imo and hasn't done TNA any favours in trying to expand but that's deadend you tend to get trapped in regarding TV deals with production studios/organisations.
  7. Earth called, it's TNA. They get 1.5 million one week, next week they get 1.2 million, then 1.1 million, then 1.4 million. It's been like that since forever. Thought you knew brah.
  8. But anyway, as far this new TV deal goes, it's usually a matter of "what have you done for me lately" kinda thing. And TNA hasn't done big numbers on consistent basis in a while, so that gets me a bit worried there.

    Negotiations are ongoing, and am hoping for the best. But Spike has to be dumb no to re-sign something that gets you 1-1.5 million viewers 52 week a year. It'd just be dumb for such a bleh channel like Spike.
  9. The most recent rating was 0.83, I'm not too convinced yet.
  10. Went on a big rant (Crayo will enjoy) in reply to this. Too negative so it was spoilered.

    Show Spoiler
    The first reaction was that you can't look at last week's as a reference because wrestling was the hottest it's been in many years last week.

    But I'm looking for the official rating. Saw the quarters and while it opened at a 1.0, it was at a .81-.86 for the rest of the show. That's catastrophic no matter what, weren't they drawing better during the dog days of 2013?

    Either way, they had a golden opportunity fall into their laps. TNA may not have had any buzz but pro wrestling in general did. Wrestlemania left us with Daniel Bryan giving many fans the mark-out moment like we haven't had in years (most fans, anyway) and a talking point I still hear fans debating IN PUBLIC with the end of the streak, followed by the mainstream media + Nancy Grace coverage of the passing of the Ultimate Warrior. This was WWE stuff, but while people are talking about them, this was TNA's chance to say "Hey, we exist too!" and give viewers a hook.

    And this rating really proves that they blew it. Not only was the person they promoted for the show Dixie Freaking Carter, via the show before, all over the website, and in ads, but they had the Eric Young title win that could only be seen one way. Surprise surprise, this didn't keep those extra eyeballs around.

    While there's plenty of things I love about TNA as I raved about in the other thread, they really need to find some way to get out of their own way. And no, letting Daniels walk is not it.

    I don't know the situation well enough to say Spike needs TNA. I hope they still value their ratings, but as an exec you have to be concerned in so many ways. From TNA's side, I'm dying to know what (possible) ways they can reverse the trend.
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