Confederation Cup Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I can't keep spamming prediction threads, so yeah, here it is.

    Brasil just dominated Japan with a great display. Their two best players were Neymar and Oscar. Neymar was world class.

    Brasil 3-0 Japan

    Really looking forward to how this tournament unfolds tbh.
  2. how do you think taihiti will do they cant be that bad if they won the african cup of nations
  3. Correction; They won the Oceania Nations Cup

    Nigeria won the African Nations Cup.
  4. Not well at all. Their group is too hard.
  5. really? thats what happens when you use wikipedia lol
  6. Anyways....

    I see Tahiti ending the group with a -15 or worse GD.
  7. I hope Spain wins this time. We lost against USA last time. It was lame lol
  8. Btw big match tonight. Uruguay vs Spain.

    Cavani, Suarez and Forlan vs Xavi, Iniesta, Soldado, Silva.. It's going to be a great match :emoji_slight_smile: I will watch it tomorrow when I wake up.
  9. lol im optimistic i think they may cause an upset alomg the way im backing uraguay to win thay have a solid team with a world class strike force
  10. tomorrow aint it
  11. Uruguay have been average lately from what I have seen of them. Spain are my pick, Brazil are my second favourites. I don't see Brazil beating Spain if they have to come head to head though. Obviously I'm bias and hope Spain win, but the Brazil mark inside of me kinda' wants them to do well too.
  12. My bad you're right yeah
  13. I bet Valdes will be the starting goalkeeper! Spain tomorrow :yay:
  14. Then I change my mind; Spain will be knocked out at the group stages.
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  15. Valdes isn't the best goalkeeper, but it's the best in Spain right now imo
  16. It'll be 3 in a row if brazil win i think mexico could suprise a few i think as well
  17. Mexico's form lately has been sub-standard, maybe this'll be the opportunity to change it.
  18. whos ready for spain v uraguay
  19. Hell ye <3
  20. I'll watch Spain until the Pre-show. Don't wan't to miss Sheamus!
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