Confession time....

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  2. Ugh thinking of that promo still angries up the blood.
  3. He lost his smile? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ity: He was on drugs and didnt want to do the job and lose his title.
  4. Hmm..:hmm:

    Wasn't it his back?
  5. Shawn was pretty F'd up on drugs and booze as well around that time. He was one miserable bastard.
  6. On a special episode of Raw dubbed Thursday Raw Thursday, Michaels vacated the WWF Championship;[1] he explained to fans that he was informed by doctors that he had conjured a knee injury, and that he had to retire.[53] His speech was regarded as controversial, as Michaels was allegedly unwilling to lose to Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 (since it was noted that he was going to have a rematch with Hart at WrestleMania).[6] Michaels contemplated thoughts of retirement and stated that he "had to find his smile again," which he had "lost" somewhere down the line.[6]

    From the Wikipedia
  7. Wikipedia :haha:

    Naa without kidding, I knew he was on dat shiz, but never read that story..

    Thanks 4 Postin'.
  8. You got it, dude!
  9. Utah hbk was a bit of a Jack ass back in the day

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  10. Re: RE: Confession time....

    I think he did his back badly against Taker in 98 in the casket match at the RR, this was 97 I think.
  11. That was a great promo, mind you.
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