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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Jun 21, 2016.

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  1. Taking inspirations from the many (many) lq threads from Britta, comes this game.

    You ask a question, and the person below answers the question while asking another. For example,

    Person 1: What color is your shit?

    Person 2: Green, sometimes brown - What color is your room?

    Person 3: Green

    You get the deal.

    I'll go first, would you bang your best pals mother?
  2. No heres mine

    Would you ever steal your best friends money and lie about it
  3. If they're rich, yeah.

    Would eat your own shit, for money?
  4. No

    Would you ever drink out of date soda
  5. Yes as I am Extreme

    Would you eat shit while taking a shit and overhearing someone talk shit.
  6. No.

    Would you fap to the porn of a dead pornstar?
  7. What's up with these questions? lol
  8. Like necrophilia porn or just fap to a scene of a chick who died after she shot it?

    either way, yes, yes 1000 times yes!

    Would you suck deth's dick while he took a shit for 25 bucks and a hand job from the A list actor of your choice?
  9. Yeah. Tugging on deth's willy is worth the handjob from Denzel Washington. :aids:

    Have you ever wanted to bang the ugliest person, just because you figured it would be easy to get in their pants?
  10. I mean, D'Z isn't that ugly. Didn't take much though.

    Have you ever thought of posting nudes of a chick on a forum to impress people with how cool you are irl?
  11. No. Don't need smarks telling me whether the wrenches I bang make me a musk or not.

    Have you ever wanted to bang your cousin? (can be any gender and doesn't matter if it's 2nd, 3rd or 1st etc etc)
  12. I've been sexually assaulted by my cousin if that counts, so yes? No? Maybe not so?

    Would you ever let the woman/man of your dreams take a shit on your chest?
  13. I'd never thought you'd ask. :smug:
  14. That's not how you play! :angry: :tough: :okay:
  15. Whoops. Uhh, how often do you fap?

  16. As often as my bitch doesn't have arm cramps :gusta:

    Have you ever wanted to pretend to be crippled, so you can get help from somebody and when they help you, you fuck them instead?
  17. Every single day of my life. :boss1:

    Have you ever gotten your dick stuck in your pants zipper?
  18. Not recently. But like 10 years ago, prolly.

    Will you follow me on WWEF :dawg: :lol1:
  19. Done and done. :ohyeah2:

    Will you follow me on WWEF? <3
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