News Confirm these releases plz!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Derrick Bateman and bailey pierce both talked about their release on twitter this morning.... Can anyone confirm?
  2. Briley.... Stooped spel chek
  3. Likely that they are purging NXT to make room for the next wave of talent. They are going to sign 20-22 new wrestlers in July. Pierce and Bateman can do well with a run on the independents. Like FCW alumni Brian Cage.
  4. Heard about the two releases, they had potential but not enough for WWE to keep them.Anyone expect a Diva or two get released as well?
  5. Audrey Marie is rumored. Most of these releases will be in developmental since they will be signing 20-22 new guys this summer apparently.
  6. Bateman should never have been released. Ridiculous.
  7. Some time being released can be a good thing since some time on the independents can do you a lot of good. Look at Brian Cage. He was in FCW for a while and was going absolutely nowhere. Then he got released, went on the independents and rethought a couple of things and is now one of the hottest unsigned acts out there. Bateman with like a year or two of seasoning on the independents trying new things could very well be re-signed.
  8. He is already talented, and has shown it, so there is no need for any philosophical rebirth of the soul on the independents.
  9. so was and did Damian Sandow during his original run. Yet he needed time away to find that "IT" that made him the intellectual savior.
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  10. Releasing Bateman sounds a bit silly tbh. It can become a good thing later on but I think he was underused a lot. Audrey I also liked.
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