CONFIRMED: Daniel Bryan cleared by neurologist but not by WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. Daniel Bryan was a guest on the Cheap Heat podcast featured on ESPN Radio where he gave a revealing update on his health. Bryan stated that he feels great and has been cleared by a doctor in Phoenix. He explained WWE is hesitant to clear him and that he guesses WWE doesn’t really want him talking about it.

    Bryan later stated he was cleared by the “Super Bowl” of neurologists so he doesn’t see why he can’t wrestle. Bryan said it’s not like he has some buddy that happens to be a doctor but WWE has their side too.
  2. Perhaps they're carefully planning his return?
  3. I don't want a half-healthy DB back. If it takes another 6 months for him to fully recover, then so be it. There's no need to be rushing back.
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  4. Kinda reminds me of Stone Cold. Terrible injury, questionable return, limits his moveset and goes for another few years on top.
  5. Bryan has like 3K moves, so adjusting 'em shouldn't be a problem.
    There's no need for him to do diving headbutts, missile dropkicks and suicide dives, considering it might affect his neck/elbow/concussion issues he's been dealing with for the past year or two.
  6. I think if his doctor says he is healthy then he is 100% and ready to wrestle. I don't think any doctor would risk their career and put themselves and also their patient in danger. My dad is a Neurologist and I know he has to have a ton of insurance to cover his ass if he ever would get sued by a patient. Thank god he has never had to go through that in his career.

    I think the WWE also has to be cautious themselves to cover there ass, but they should give Bryan a cance because he is good for the industry and his doctor released him.
  7. It would be best if he walked away from wrestling while he still can.. Once you get injured in wrestling, the injuries keep piling up. He can always take up another role in the business.
  8. He seems in such a rush. If his body told him no he ought to listen and be more patient. It would break my heart to see him wiggling on the ground and unable to move his arms.
  9. I understand that totally and I agree with you that would be horrible to see but really what does he got to go on other than a gut feeling and what his doctors say. Nothing really.
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  10. Even though I'm not the world's biggest Daniel Bryan fan (the kind who thinks they should build the entire company around the guy and all... You know the type) and even though I'd really love a Shield triple-threat for the title next year, I still have to say that it would be a genuine cool moment if Bryan returned as a surprise entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble, finally won it, and then became the one who ended Seth Rollins' year-long reign as champion at Wrestlemania 32 by making him tap like a bitch to the Yes Lock in the middle of the ring.
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  11. That's not always true. Triple h has torn his quads. Both of them off the bone. And he came back fine without any real injuries.

    Superstars get injured and this is Bryan's second real injury. People act as if he's dead or going to to die. Let's calm down.
  12. A former Shield triple-threat as the ME of WM definitely floats my boat.

    Aaand, as far as RR 2016 goes, it'll be interesting to see if the winner gets shit on again just in case DB doesn't win it.
    WWE should let DB finally win it, so that every next guy that wins doesn't get the same treatment as Batista and Reigns.
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  13. A lot of people are concerned for Daniel's safety. He's being very reckless and concussions are very scary these days. I hope none of you must ever see a neurologist. Daniel could suffer memory loss, the ability to walk and have a peaceful living. WWE is doing the right thing. Edge even told how he passed some tests until WWE made him a better doctor. Edge might be paralyzed severely if he hadn't.
  14. Well WWE is exceptionally strict about these kinds of things. There's nothing wrong with taking some time to make sure he's okay as well as giving them time to decide how they're going to handle things such as his return and what they're comfortable having him do in the ring.

    I'm sure he's frustrated but, for lack of a better cliche, better safe than sorry.
  15. WWE has to be very strict because they surely don't want one of there Superstars to get badly injured and that makes a ton of sense. If I was involved on the business end of the WWE I would be really cautious to let him wrestle ever again. I can also understand where Daniel Bryan is coming from. Wrestling is this guys life. He has said it before that it is all he really knows. It must be really scary for him that there is a chance that he will never be able to do what he loves to do and get back into the ring.
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  16. You know what would be a good "warm up" for Daniel Bryan? Team Hell No. I know it's played out but think of it this way, he wrestles half a match most nights, takes a big bump once a month at a PPV, break up again shortly after 2 months, go back to being the main event guy.
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  17. Daniel Bryan On WWE Possibly Not Clearing Him, If Concussion Was From Sheamus Table Spot, More

    Well, if he feels like he's good to go, then so be it. I mean, he knows his body best. On the other hand, I get WWE's concern on not rushing to clear him.

    I've said this before, but I'd rather have DB back like 5-6 months from now (for instance), then have him come back half-healthy.
  18. WWE wants to keep it quite so DB can make a triumpht return.
  19. Hope it's at the Rumble and he actually wins it this time. They have to give it to him some time, they can't have fan outrage each year. :bitw:
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  20. I'd like to see him come back during a John Cena open challenge and win the U.S title. :yes:
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