CONFIRMED For tonights RAW!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. Tonight’s WWE RAW will be taped this afternoon from the O2 Arena in London, England. Remember to join us this afternoon around 2pm EST for live spoiler coverage from London.
    Confirmed for tonight’s show is the return of The Undertaker as he teams with Kane and Daniel Bryan to battle The Shield. Also confirmed for tonight’s show is the return of Chris Jericho. Also, Triple H will be live to respond to Brock Lesnar’s challenge for Extreme Rules.
    WWE is focused on the following points for tonight’s show:
    * Will The Game accept Lesnar’s challenge?
    * Can The Undertaker help stop The Shield?
    * What’s next for CM Punk?
    * Who will make the next move in the World Title hunt?
    * How will WWE Champion John Cena respond to Ryback?

    This seems like an awesome show, Just a bummer its taped, Im not gonna check spoilers for this one.
  2. I never knew it was taped. Definitely not going to read the spoilers.
  3. First post is blank for me.
  4. That should fix it ^

    I think he used a white font, and that won't appear on the mobile theme.
  5. Glad it's taped. Get the crowd response when they're still awake.
    They tried a live Smackdown in London and the crowd sucked because it was so late (and because nothing really happened), glad they learned their lesson.
    No real reason to read the spoilers, haha. If you're planning on watching the show don't see why you would read spoilers.
  6. To see if the show is worth watching. Or to plan your piss breaks.
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  7. Triple H and Sheamus are on the show, there will be plenty of time to piss haha
  8. Lol taped show, my expectations are already low for it.
  9. Hope the London crowd brings it like usual. Can see DZ getting a good pop if he's there.
  10. cant wait for london crowd
  11. "* What’s next for CM Punk?"

    Does that imply Punk will be at RAW? Or just that Heyman will talk on behalf of him?
  12. He's definitely not there. He's still in the states. I guess they'll just speculate on what may be next for him.

    Anyway, hopefully it'll be a decent show.
  13. Punk wont be back till Summer Slam :pity:
  14. New reports (in a thread here) say he may be back before SummerSlam.
    But yeah, either way, he's not overseas for this tour at all. He's attending UFC and baseball games. lol
  15. He's being a lack-luster bum. lol
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