Confirmed for tonights TV tapings!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Weird that no Ryder being advertised, Ziggler returning will be awesome, Axel Vs Jericho sounds amazing, Sheamus and Cesaro should be good and MizTV is meh. Looks like a good taping overall
  2. So weak how they treat Ryder.
  3. Great job WWE on convincing me not to watch Smackdown this week.

  4. But Curtis might win via countout again.
  5. Curtis "Count Out" Axel.

    Also, why not return him on Raw when people might almost care? This is such typical WWE-shiton-DZ-booking.
  6. I'll watch Smackdown for Ziggler, but Ryder not being advertised truly is dumb.
  7. Why is it dumb, the guy is over sure but he's a superstars curtain jerker to them.
  8. Don't see why E would advertise a jobber, lol.
  9. I understand that. It's probably because I really just want to see a Ryder gimmick change by now, thought it would be good there since he's local.
  10. Lol Ryder given direction, that would involve logic.
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