Confirmed: Jose Mourinho leaving Real Madrid at the end of the season

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  1. Pretty obvious that he was going to leave, and it's even more obvious where he's going to go. Though I honestly do not think this is a good decision for Jose, considering how god damn power-crazy the owner is. Jose will never have the control at Chelsea as say Sir Alex did at Manchester United. The owner is so heavily involved, but he will likely have more control than any other manager. At this point, I am sure that Abramovic is just desperate for Chelsea to be a top team again, but when they eventually become one, will he go back to his old ways?

    I just do not see Jose there for the long term. Anyway, discuss.
  2. :yes: mourinho :stfu: and :gtfo: Madrid>Anyone. Get your ass back to England
  3. Watch Madrid fail without him :lol1:
  4. Here's hoping he takes over the National team :please:
  5. I pray that CR leaves so I can taste your tears.
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  6. Keep dreaming.

    Cristiano will lead us to La Decima!
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  7. I guarantee he likes United more than Madrid. If the right offer comes in, bye bye Ronaldo imo.
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  8. You will never. E-E-EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER. live this down when he bails on you. Will be hysterical, because you can't even acknowledge that there is a chance he leaves
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  9. Exactly. Need to find the gif where in a celebration he says he stays here. And then.....Ozil will lead us to la decima!!!

    Real Madrid. Only team to have the Best team of the XX century trophy. Keep hating :otunga:
  10. I would leave Real if I was Ronaldo. They're in freefall, and the Premier League's a much better option. I'd be surprised if Real win the La Liga in this decade tbh.
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    Tbf I'm perfectly fine supporting an average Championship team, that way the wins are a lot sweeter and when we win a trophy it means a lot more.

    To clarify this doesn't go for all fans of top clubs, but a trophy win is a huge bonus for us, whilst City are sacking managers for not winning one.
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  12. Totally agree. Kinda sums it up for me that this Sunday some Celtic fans are saying they want us to beat them for the cup because we deserve a trophy. I honestly just couldn't ever think like that.

    Oh and if Griffiths scores first and Hibs win 2-0, I get a grand :yay:

    Shit, how did I even end up speaking about Hibs? FFS
  13. Losers.

    I already support an average team in the NBA.
    And lol at that Albin...guess you are joking
  14. Wow, I don't care who I was playing I would hate to think like that, other teams deserve trophies but I have to go into every single game wanting Boro to win, don't understand how you could think otherwise, Boro till I die, I couldn't possibly want us to lose.

    Awesome, I hope you win, last year's cup was awful, nobody likes Hearts.
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  15. I don't care if it's with or without Mou, Madrid is better than the rest of the teams in the world! I think next season it'll be an Italian guy leading Real Madrid
  16. Barcelona are at their weakest in years. If they don't strengthen, Madrid have a great chance.
  17. Not at all, I fully expect teams like Sociedad, Athletico, Valencia to overtake you soon. I just can't see things getting better for Madrid. I mean, the debt they're in is ridiculous.
  18. I like supporting a club with not many fans, you'll only really find Boro fans in Boro, it's awesome, that way you know every single fan in the stadium is a die hard fan, I could walk down a street anywhere in Spain and a RM fan.
  19. Bayern Munich anyone? Germany is taking over now imo.

  20. Totally agree, and I'm genuinely touched by that :yay:
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