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  1. -Who's gonna come up with all the names for the PPVs/Shows and what day and time will they air on? How many will there be?

    -Who's even gonna write all the shows and pay-per-views?

    Anyone got any great ideas and who's up for booking?

  2. Roleplay is a hard thing to tun. I used to give it a go, failed epically. It needs a lot of forward planning.
  3. Can I be a part of this? I have LOTS of great Ideas.
  4. Re: RE: Confusion..

    The forum loves ideas :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Post your ideas.
  6. Okay here are some ideas for PPV:

    January - No Regrets
    February - Mayhem
    April - Immortality
    May - Hell on Earth
    June - Free for All
    July - (sorry I had to) Great American Bash
    August - Summer Beat-down
    September - Showdown of Champions
    October- Armaggedon
    November - Annihilation
    December - Winter Warfest

    I will post more ideas in a bit!

    As of days and time, I will get to that later because I notice a lot of you guys live in very different time zones so we will have to discuss that in another forum once we launch
  7. Sound pretty good for ideas there :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I will edit September as it seems repetitive
  9. Any ideas for the shows?

    Also who is good with booking matches here?
  10. And October's used to or still is a WWE PPV I think.
  11. I can help book but not fully but I will post up show ideas here!
  12. Suppose I could help with booking.
  13. Heres my ideas on the daily shows
    we should have 3 shows and this is my idea if we had 2 brands
    - Tuesday Night Chaos
    - Thursday Night Slaughterhouse

    We could have a Superstars like show on Saturdays evenings with no angles called (insert fed name here) Battles

    PPVs can be on Sunday night

    Or else i would like to be a contributor to booking matches but not exactly the head of it as I am quite young to fully understand the art of booking.
  14. Some of your ideas comes from WWE-Club thewindyfan...

    We need unique ones.
  15. Not lying I made these up myself to be honest. Or else is it the shows or the PPVs?
  16. Well PPVs
  17. Alright then! Time to improve those or else people should just throw out their suggestions in another thread

    Can you also be specific on which ones? Which ones you think are fine and which ones should go?
  18. @[Thewindyfan] want to be head booker? Might get your own group/userbar if you're up for it. You'll be allowed to moderate this section.
  19. If I were to toss a suggestion out there, you might not want to set such rigid schedules for shows starting out (like having shows on a certain day, or PPVs on certain days, etc.) Get used to booking and putting shows together first, then once you get in the flow maybe you'll be able to put together more rigid schedules.
  20. Agreed with this. Nice post :emoji_slight_smile:
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