Congrats R'Albin

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Congrats @[R'Albin] - Moderator of all wrestling forums now.

    Much deserved :obama:
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  2. :notsure: if question or suggestion.
  3. Suggestion denied.
  4. Automated message:

    Suggestion has been denied.
  5. On-topic: Was an easy choice in the end when Lacky went inactive. Was always going to be one of them.
  6. Yeah it was going to be either one of them quite obviously. Well deserved for R'Albin
  7. Please add more detail to your question. I'm not sure what you're trying to ask. We try and help anyone on the forum as best we can.
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  8. "Members can use this section to post questions, suggestions or feedback. All feedback is greatly appreciated."

    This is feedback.
  9. Alright calm down soldier.
  10. :bury:
  11. Lmao, thank you Jonathan :otunga:
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  12. Congrats R'Albs.
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  13. Congrats my brotha :testify: My mentoring paid off!
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  14. Cheers guys.

    I wouldn't have made it to where I have, without your help, I won't let you down :hogan:
  15. You best not ill jump in your spot if you do :bury:
  16. :pity1:

    You wish, this place is running beautifully as a result of my work so far.
  17. :cry: but but but dammit.
  18. Congratulations :yay:
  19. Congratz dawg. Don't ban me. :urm:
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