Congrats to Dave Batista on winning his first MMA fight

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    ^^^ I knew he would win
  2. Good for him.
  3. Knew he would win. Just KNEW IT! :cry:
  4. I guess you can say hes the second wrestler to make it in the MMA world
  5. Errr not my opinion he'd have to be successful and win a large portion of his fights to say "he's made it"
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  6. No.

    Ken Shamrock
    Bobby Lashley
    Harry Smith(maybe) and others.
  7. Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock were also wrestlers who made it in MMA.
  8. Wait, he beat some guy and he's made it in MMA? Come on.
  9. Also....the guy he fought was a big tub of lard....I'd of expected Batista to win cage fight or street fight or any fight because there was just no comparison between the too.....Batista muscley....ripped and too strong.....the other guy......quite the opposite
  10. He was a fat guy!
  11. Beating one soon to retire MMA fighter in a b-ranked promotion is hardly making it in MMA.
  12. Batista took a shit load of punches in that fight and beat a guy who had less than 7 days to prepare. Yeah, Congrats to Batista :haha:
  13. Am I the only one who doesn't really care? :sad:
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  14. :haha:
  15. Thanks for spoiling the fight.
  16. That fat guy had bautista punch drunk for the first min. of the fight.
  17. Congrats to Dave, he was clearly motivated.
  18. It's 'Bautista' @[BrockLesnarFanForLife].
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