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  1. I'm normally quite critical about SmackDown, but I tend to give credit where it's due (Bryan as champ, Mark Henry's reign, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton) and more so Cody Rhodes. His quest was to make the IC title relevant, I can now safely say I enjoy the IC title story-line as much as the WHC story-line. Actually, I enjoy it more.

    When Rhodes eventually does move into the main event, they're going to need to replace him with someone equally as talented and young, who could that be? Or are we going to see it giving to some random and have all its value decrease?
  2. Maybe Drew can step into his place, but I agree, I actually do find it more interesting than WHC story-line too. Could be my passionate hate for Big Show, but it's more of how well Cody is doing, and how SmackDown are treating it as something important.
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