Congratulations Crayo!

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  1. This user, @[Crayo], has reached a spectacular, 2k posts. The forum has not even been up for a month yet, so congrats Crayo :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. My user-title kind of applies here. I can't help it. Thanks though :emoji_heart:.
  3. Haha, "I post too much, sue me", Well, you're the admin, so, I expect this lol. I just feel bad because I'm only on 50 some posts right now.
  4. Ha, you only joined yesterday you're doing great.
  5. Hmmm I see there is an award for 50+ posts :emoji_grin: :groupwave1:
  6. Looks like you have it :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Normally you need to nominate yourself for it in the nomination thread since Crayo tends to forget, lol.
  7. Ehh Crayo might tend to forget, but that's why the Viper reminds him every so often :emoji_wink: Just don't mess up next time, or you'll be seeing an RKO!!! Haha :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Lmao absolutely loved that post.
  9. Stupid post whore.
  10. Wow, 2k posts in only a month? You must really like wrestling then. Or just posting on these forums. :emoji_grin:
  11. Wrestling-nerd. And love these forums. :loved::loved:

    Shut up Xanth. :frown:
  12. Haha @[Xanth] made me laugh. Oh, and since this thread is in the suggestions section, I wanted to add on to it.

    Do you think it would be possible to add on something your profile that lets you pick whether you want to be a dirty or clean superstar? (Fan Favorite, etc..)
  13. We could add it easily, but I don't know about it.
  14. Good idea. "Heel" or "Face"? Would help describe your personality, or could just be used to describe which you mainly prefer. Xanth would be a heel.
  15. Fine, I'll add it.

  16. What is "Face"?
  17. Face (short for babyface): Good guy. Cena, CM Punk, Orton (sort of), Kingston, Bourne, Santino, HHH. Guys that are nice, won't attack people for no reason. Good guys of the company basically.

    Heels: Bad guys. Alberto Del Rio, Miz, Drew McIntyre, Ziggler, Swagger, Jericho, Wade Barrett, John Laurinaitus. Bad guys. Will often interfere with matches, attack people behind their back, cheat to win.
  18. I can see how you said Orton is a good guy sort of then lol.
  19. Ha yeah, he's what's called a "Tweener". Not really good or bad. He sides with the faces in tag-team matches because the crowd absolutely love him, making him sort of face. But he often says "I couldn't care about anyone else, if I have to, I'll RKO them too" which I love. He hasn't changed his character from when he was heel. He's closer to face though, since the fans love him and he feuds with heels. Still a tweener :emoji_slight_smile:.
  20. True. I always liked him when he was heel too. Just he wasn't as big then, which is normal. I found it kind of funny when Orton won the WHC and HHH was jealous and has Batista powerbomb him. I guess that's when I really started tro like him. Not to mention, he was a chick magnet. I can dig that as well.