Congratulations Crystal Palace

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 27, 2013.

  1. I wanted them to win the play-offs simply for this man:


    Also, Zaha got MOTM which made the Man United mark inside of me rather happy. The dude is a talent that's for sure.
  2. Pretty decent game too, was never gonna be a classic due to what's at stake.

    Also IDK why but I feel this needs posting more often

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  3. Typical Ziggler botching
  4. Welsh-man Danny-f'n Gabbidon carrying the defence to success <3
    Don't forget big man Kev Phillips being the intimidating beast!
    Speroni being more flexible than Maccaroni

    Least but not least, Zaha bringing out the goods, let's hope he does this against premium defence for Manchester United in the Prem
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  5. don't forget the crystals
  6. The game was fairly poor to be honest, was expecting a bit more of an open game. Glad Palace got through, Watford would have no chance in the PL, only three loans and they have a transfer embargo at the moment.
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